Monday, June 8, 2009

Visit from William and a Visit to a New Park

I know, I know... no post yesterday. Believe it or not, sometimes I just don't "feel" like blogging! Yesterday was one of those days. =)

It was a good day, ending with Rob here for dinner (since Sarah and Della are out of town for a month!) We enjoyed having him, and Keenan Loved him! Poor Rob, Keenan pretty much filled his agenda for the entire night.

Here's Keenan "pushing him down"

This morning William came over to play while Tiff went to an appointment. He and Keenan had a great time together and got lots done!

They jumped in the trampoline,

danced to music,

had snacks,

went in the pool,

made big splashes,

shot each other with water guns,

and played in the sand

Moriah watching it all

Back inside, learning (or eating?) the alphabet

Moriah has only seen bubbles a couple times before, and is still Very intrigued by them!

LOL! I Love this picture!!

Funny stuff

Keenan's still a big fan too

Keenan in a bubble!

This afternoon we needed to get out of the house, so we decided to go to Turkey Creek. Somehow I had forgotten that it is closed on Mondays. =0/ We drove around part of Niceville that I didn't know existed, and then went to a cute park that I had seen before, but never stopped at with the kids. It doesn't have any play equipment, but it's beautiful and you can swim there (which we didn't do today) and watch all the boats.


Keenan cautiously looking over the edge

I like this one

Squinty boy checking out the beautiful view

Cute girl watching from the stroller

The trees and grass here are gorgeous!

An attempt at a cute picture of the three of us... =)

Enjoying the grass

Deep in thought (totally not posed!)

This gives you an idea of how nice the park is!

Keenan spent quite a while pushing the stroller up and down this path


Wegner said...

I LOVE Moriah's reaction to the bubbles. I laughed out loud at those two pictures for quite a while!

Blackman Blog said...

Is this Lions Park?

Mom W. said...

Moriah's eyes are so huge looking at the bubble, what a riot! Such cute kids and I ain't biased...=0)