Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun morning with the Youngun's...

I finally have some pictures from Keenan's swim class! Today went fairly well too, although I think he was tired because he started crying a couple times and wanted to come to me. =0/

Putting his face in

His whole class

Swimming down the pool with one of the instructors

Having a great time

Climbing out

Jumping - his favorite part!

Blowing bubbles!

Another jump!

After class, we headed to Destin to the Rave theatre for one of their free summer movies! We saw Surf's Up, a cute surfer Penguin movie. It was Keenan's first time to the movies so it was really fun to see how amazed he was at everything! =)

He was totally enthralled!

Moriah was a little fussy, but hopefully the movie was loud enough and all the other people with kids understood...

In front of the concession stand (where for some reason, he thought we should get "cake")

Checking out the pretty fountain outside

I love the water in the air here

Moriah finishing up her nap

You can't take a kid to Destin Commons in the summer and not let them play in the fountains

On a dolphin

Checking out the lighthouse

...and sliding out



After he was finished playing (at about noon), we picked up some french fries at Sonic and headed for home. I had really stretched his morning limit and was hoping he'd make it home before he fell asleep. That didn't work out. We got across the midbay bridge and he started to fade. Fast. I had handed him my Sprite, and when I looked back, he was just staring off, and his head was starting to droop...

His head is actually pushing down onto the straw as he gets drowsy...

I said, "Do you want me to take the Sprite?" (Not wanting it to fall on the floor), and he would say "No" and start drinking again, and then start drooping again...

Fortunately he passed it to me just in time! =)

We are headed to the mall for Family Night with Wendi and the boys... see ya!


Anonymous said...

hey i think the boat that keenan is looking at is the one i took a silly picture in when i was down there lol too funny!

Mom E said...

that photo of Keenan looking at the headless mannequins is Hysterical!!!
Love, Mom