Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Full day

We had a lot going on today! At 9:30, I went to a Mary Kay presentation at the church where I go for MOPS. It was a really fun time (and my skin didn't break out this time, so that's progress!) I came away having spent more money than I had planned (isn't that the way it always goes?), but I do feel good about what I'm doing for my skin.

Keenan on his way in to childcare (he's so grown up!)

The little sister lookin' cute

I had to rush away from Mary Kay in order to get home (in the pouring rain), because Philip needed to leave for Pensacola, and the guy (fortunately someone we know!) was still figuring out what was wrong with our fridge. Thankfully we don't have to buy a new one! Yay! It was something to do with the defrosting sensor that wasn't working, so the coils in the freezer got totally frozen over, making it unable to cool the fridge properly.

Since he was here and the kids napped during that time, I didn't get to nap today. This would have been fine, but last night was a "Yo-yo night" (I was up and down and up and down all night with one kid or another) so I was pretty tired by the time 1:00 rolled around.
Oh well, we made it through the day okay anyway.... =)

Cute picture of Keenan making Moriah smile

Keenan actually took this picture!!

Moriah definitely looks up to her big brother

Best buds (most of the time)

Since it rained most of the day, we didn't get to play outside much, so this afternoon we ran some errands in Shalimar, and stopped at Sonic for a root beer float. Tonight is "Free Root Beer Float" night, but it didn't start until 8, which was too late for me to have the kids out... but I still really wanted one... so, there you have it, that's the story.

I had the idea this afternoon that it would be fun to do some "old fashioned" sepia pictures of the kids having a tea party! So... I set the table (yes, with my Royal Albert Bone China) and gave Keenan strict orders not to touch Anything unless I said he could. He loved drinking (water) out of his teacup, and I think it turned out really cute!

I love how Moriah is playing with her necklace here

Pretty girl

Handsome young chap

Eating her dress (since Keenan isn't sharing the pretzels)

Having a great time!

Cute little man



Mom W. said...

What will you think up next... seriously?? Those are so cute and nothing got broken???

Joia said...

Surprisingly nothing did! I knew that was a risk I was taking... I was actually more worried about Me breaking something, putting it all back up into my high cupboards (standing on a stool).

The Woodford's said...

Hey, it's been a while since I saw that pretty china! =) Very cute pic's, Joia!

rachel said...

joia! the SAME thing happened to our fridge last summer and i was going to comment on your last blog and tell them to check that out, but the day got away from me and i didn't have time.

glad they got it figured out - broken appliances are such a pain!

Mom W. again said...

Dad told me last night that we had the same thing happen on our old frig and he figured it out but it was a long process seeing as he isn't by trade a frig-fixer. :~)

Anonymous said...

Love the tea party pictures:)The outfits are great!You could do parties for kids:)And the way things are looking-Keenan could help with the photos!
mom k

Anonymous said...

How in the world do you ever come up with these ideas Joia?!
they're very cute!