Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forecasted Rainy Day Turned Sunny!

We actually got to see a little more of Philip this morning, since he didn't need to go to Eglin before heading to Pensacola, so that was nice! The hours of this shift though are still so weird...

Since the rain "dampened" our wifia plans yesterday, Wendi and I planned to meet at the splash park this afternoon, but between our different schedules, kid's naps, etc... I was getting there as she was packing up! We did chat for a few minutes though, and compared the sizes of the babies... Elijah is close to, or more than Moriah now, I think!

How cute are they?

Even though we had just been there a couple days ago, Keenan had a blast playing in the water and chasing "big" kids around. =)

I love this new swimsuit we bought him yesterday (it's still a little big)

The totally "uncool" part about the splash park today was when I was setting up the umbrella, and stepped on a fire ant mound! I felt a pain on my foot, and looked down and they were all over it! I kicked my flip flop off and ran into the water immediately, but had already been bitten seven times on my foot and twice on my leg! Ouch!

My "owies" and a goofy flip flop tan line

After playing in the water for a while, Keenan wanted to play on the playground. Since it was overcast at that point and not roasting hot, I said yes. However, the fact that he was still wet, was Not a good combination with a wooden, sandy playground (especially when he tripped and fell down!) =0/

Peeking at me from the bouncy bridge

On the slide before the "falling down incident"

Moriah snoozing while he played

After he got so dirty, I decided it was time to go home. At that point, Brittney and her girls, Madison and Jocelyn showed up to play at the splash park (so of course Keenan wanted to go back!) He was way too dirty though, to go back in the water.... until Brittney pointed out that there was a hose in one of the flower beds, so I sprayed him off, and back in the water he went!

We visited with them for a bit, and then packed up, changed him into dry clothes and headed to the Commissary for a few things.

The HUGE cow was back, and Keenan insisted on having his picture taken with it (even though he was too interested in staring at people walking by to look at the camera).

Yes, this is the same cow previously featured on the blog (it shows up at least once a year, I think)

...and on a totally random note: I had no idea how much bigger a golfish cracker gets when it's wet! Check this out!

Who woulda thought?


Mom W. said...

Isn't it weird how the ants seem to communicate somehow with each other that they should all get on the victim and then bite all at once. If the first one had bitten as soon as he was on board, you could have run from the rest, aren't you glad they didn't get on either of the kids? That would have probably hurt you more too.

Wow, neat picture of Moriah and Elijah, he looks longer but they sure look close in size otherwise, he sure is making up for the later birth, etc. Too bad you and Wendi almost missed each other.

Gotta make cookies... love you... love this blog... = )

grriffins said...

Funny, the wet goldfish looks happier. I wonder if they all smile that big when they're being digested? Hmmm... I suppose they'd be in pieces, not whole.