Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Pictures/Father's Day Brunch

Since we were all dressed up anyway, I decided we should get some updated family pictures...

Best Friends

Keenan was napping, so we took some of us with Moriah while we waited for him to wake up..

Moriah and Mommy matching

She's so sweet!

Daddy and his little girl

How precious is this??

A pretty good one of the four of us

The kids had been holding hands, but somebody let go...

We went to the Officers Club for their Father's Day brunch this afternoon. It was really nice and quite delicious!!

Moriah chillin' in her seat by the window

The dining room

Keenan's interesting selection of food =)

I love this picture of the three of us! (Moriah was sleeping)

Keenan checking out the view after lunch

Little girls and lip gloss...


Brittny said...

those are some fabulous familly photos!!!! way to go!!!! and the ones of you two girls are so sweet! she is truly the happiest baby i've ever seen. thanks for letting me hold her! : )

Hannah said...

Awesome family pictures Joia!! Your kids are really getting big!

Tara said...

great pics!! i love that dress on you, joia!

Jen said...

Great pictures. I just love Moriah's dress and you looked beautiful too!

Jessica said...

that dresssssssss!!!!!!!! It is so classic and beautiful on you!

Mom E said...

I thought it interesting that I had the same thoughts about your dress when I first saw the picture as those that left comments regarding it. You looked fabulous in that dress. And the fam photos were way cool too.
Love, Mom