Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evening out and a VERY sleepy boy...

Even though we "tried" for an hour and a half this afternoon, Keenan refused to nap. So... on our way to the dinner at the church tonight to meet some friends, he fell asleep (for about 8 minutes until we got there).

Dinner was delicious (stuffed chicken), and the company was great! After dinner we went over to our friend's house for a trial run for tomorrow evening. My friend, Vanessa (and her two kids, Vivian and Tucker) are going to entertain Keenan (and possibly Moriah) while Philip and I are at a banquet on base tomorrow night. Keenan had never been to their house before, so tonight was a chance to let him get familiar with their house before we drop him off for a few hours tomorrow. He LOVED it! I think he was a little overwhelmed at first at All the new toys, and wasn't sure even where to start! He and Tucker and Vivi are going to have So much fun together! I'd like to leave Moriah too, so Philip and I can have a kid free evening with our friends, but I will wait and decide tomorrow when I see how she's feeling, etc...

Before we left the church, the kids posed with the pirate board (there for VBS this week)...

Keenan (not looking too scary)

Tucker (looking sort of surprised!)

Vivian (with her "Arrgh!" face on)

Moriah loves Vanessa... =)

Having a chat

A sweet hug from Vivian

Playing with Vanessa's beads

Keenan was a big fan of this "digger" at Tucker's house

The boys playing on the "computer"

The three of them just before we left (none of the kids wanted it to end!)

Remember the part where I said Keenan didn't nap this afternoon? Well... that manifested itself Very clearly when he had a meltdown as we were leaving Vanessa's... He was pretty weepy the whole way home and then completely lost it when we got home. He was so tired, he could not hold himself together. We skipped his bath, and just went straight to bed, but he had a hard time settling, so I laid down in his bed beside him and sang him to sleep... a sweet ending to a rather bumpy day... =)

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Vanessa S said...

We're all very excited for tomorrow evening! Tonight was just a sneak preview of all the fun we're going to have. Great photos! I might have to "steal" some of these.