Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evening Happenings with the Kiddos

Since the evenings are the only time where the temperature is in a "likeable" range for me, the kids and I headed out of the house for a while tonight while Philip was delivering a baby.

During our drive, Keenan made this for me on his Etch A Sketch (it's a flag)

First stop, dinner at Sonic. After we ordered in the Drive Thru, Keenan and I decided it would be more fun to get out and eat at the tables...

The three of us

Keenan's "non drink fav" at Sonic

One beef about Sonic:

I (and others) think that Sonic puts too much ice in their drinks. I always ask for "EZ ice" (their term, I think), or no ice (since the drinks are already cold). Well, I forgot to tonight, and when I'd finished my Coke (rather quickly), I took the lid off, and realized that it was about 2/3 full of ice! Rip off! So.. to those of you out there who haven't yet been to Sonic - Go when you get the chance, but make sure you ask for EZ or No ice!! =)

Also, a disclaimer: I love Sonic for their DRINKS, that's what they are known for and that's what they do best.. I really haven't had a lot of their non dessert food items, so please don't get upset with me if you are not impressed with that portion of their menu.


Happy girl
(This was her first outdoor Sonic experience)

Studying each other

He sure loves a french fry!
I realized I'd never taken his picture with the Sonic sign before - how did that happen??

After leaving Sonic, I decided that we'd drive along the water and see if we could find a new park in Fort Walton Beach... after driving a little ways (and seeing a lot of really nice houses), we found one!

There was some big equipment (aka "Diggers") parked beside the park, which Keenan thought was totally cool!

Could a little boy Be any happier??

If you click on this picture, you can see that there is a cute little pavilion on the tip of the opposite shore... I am going to Find it some day!
Keenan checking out the water

...and trying it out first hand =)

He was so excited to see this kid catch a fish!
(The boy then chopped this one up to use as bait and caught another one - the exact same kind! Yuck! Doesn't that make the fish a cannibal?)
Happiness can come so cheaply...

I darkened this one because I liked the silhouette

Sweet boy

LOL - I love her crossed legs!

Moriah not looking (I love that Keenan is in the background)

The road on the way back out - I think the Spanish moss is so pretty!

I just thought this was adorable =)

Next we went to Ross where I bought a pair of shoes. This was only the second time I've Ever been into Ross, and I gotta admit... I think I'm in love!!

Keenan and I split a chocolate shake on the way home (I think he had about two thirds of it, because every time I got it, he's say, "My turn, Momma!") =)

Moriah had some rice cereal before bed.. she loves it!

This bib fits more like an apron/dress but I wanted to put it on her because...

... it was Mine when I was a baby!


rachel said...

I have never eaten at a Sonic. MN doesn't have them (I don't think). But...when we go to FL for a rotation for Hans, I will for sure try one out!!

Jessica said...

I understand your beef with the amount of ice-but I LOVE sonic ice!!! Grandma Eberts actually buys it by the bag and puts it in her ice dispenser which I was thrilled to find out when we were there. :)

Mom E said...

Funny story about "sonic ice"... Gr'ma E sent Jeff to Sonic for "sonic ice" and he went thru the drive-thru and ordered "sonic ice" and freaked out when they handed him a huge bag of ice! LOL. He thought it was some kind of popsicle type dessert she wanted him to get! I laughed so hard!

You take the most adorable photos and I love how you take photos of everything and document your life with your kids. I only wish I had thought to do that with mine. You take the "ordinary" and somehow transform it into the "extra-ordinary".
Love, Mom