Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did I mention it's Hot??

The temperature lately has been around 95! This is officially too hot for this Canadian girl to have much fun outside.

Yesterday we had wifia here (inside) because, once again, it was too hot to have the kids outside.

Moriah holding Elijah's hand =)

Zonked out after a bottle

Keenan being snuggly with us

Later in the afternoon, we all got our swimsuits on and headed out to the pool to cool off...

It was as warm as bath water!

Keenan under the "watering can shower"

Holding Moriah up with my feet =)


Good buddies

Moriah smiling at Keenan

Big kiss

Little wrinkly feet

Moriah enjoyed lying across my lap, and splashing and hanging out

Is there anything cuter than...

... a sleeping baby?

All worn out after swimming

So sweet

Well, okay, yes, this is as cute as a sleeping baby =)

She's pretty cute awake too

Keenan loves to run in and talk to her when she wakes up

Reading books together

Today is hot too... we ran some errands this morning and then headed to the splash pad at the Niceville Children's Park. Not surprisingly, the whole town was there, it seemed!

Moriah decided it was a fine time for a nap
(Fortunately, I was able to get a spot near a fan for her!)

Keenan in his favorite water thing

I love this =)

I took this picture mainly for the flowers =)

We came home and all got a two hour nap! Woohoo!

Now we're headed over to the hospital to take dinner to Philip (he has a patient in labor) and then we're going to Sonic.


Brittny said...

You are not kidding about it being H-O-T!!!!!! It's like we just skipped the easing into summer and jumped in cannonball style. Christopher still wants to dig and I have to force him to stay inside, but today he actually agreed with me. The water parks will be full this summer! That's for sure!

Mom E said...

I am just amazed at how many choices for water parks you have over there! We have ONE!