Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chillin' with the Chicks at Chick Fil-A

Yesterday morning was Moriah's six month appointment. By the time we got to the hospital, Keenan was asleep, so I put him in the stroller (thinking he would wake up immediately), and he slept for over half an hour! That helped get him through the entire waiting room time, and a good chunk of the time we were waiting in the exam room as well!

He hardly fits in here anymore!

Last night, the kids and I went to the mall for "Family Night". Tuesdays are when Chick Fil-A gives out a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult one, and several of the other restaurants have good deals too. There are also free carousel rides (which is Keenan's favorite part). We met up with some great friends too!

Keenan riding the cat

Someone was kind enough to take a picture of the three of us
(Gotta love Moriah's "half baked" look)

Me and my girl

After we gave the Chick Fil-A cow a high five, Keenan said, "Big Bear need hug?" I said, "It's a cow, not a bear... do you want to give him a hug?" he said "Yes" and went right over and gave him/her a hug!! =)

Getting a balloon

Our friends arrived at this point, so we went over to hang out with them while they ate.

The girls loved looking at Moriah... and yes, it Does look like Isabella is flipping her the bird! =)

Keenan seems to be very impressed with Bella's skills.. =)

I'm not sleepy...

Fun with their balloons (not sure, is Keenan hiding??)

Jen, Vanessa and Amanda in the carousel line with all the kids

Tucker and Keenan in their cute plaid shorts

Keenan picked a horse this time

During this ride, Moriah had a blowout, so after we got off, I headed for the restroom with her, while Keenan got in line for the carousel again with the others. When I got back, Vanessa said, "I took a picture of all the kids lined up by the railing, watching the carousel, turned around, turned back and Keenan was gone!" He had apparently just run out of the line, and when she found him he was with a woman who said she knew him/me. Vanessa got him back and they went on the ride. I was really curious now! Who was the woman? Vanessa said, "She was wearing a pink shirt, and she had two little girls, wearing matching outfits.. Aha! It Had to be Brittany R! I found her in line at Chick Fil-A and thanked her for coralling Keenan. She laughed and said, "Yeah, when this woman who I didn't know came out and said Keenan was with Her, I was thinking - should I really give him to her?" LOL! They both knew me, but neither one knew each other, so they weren't too sure who to trust! =) I introduced them both afterwards and we all had a good laugh. =)

Keenan eating his cookie (thanks, Vanessa!) while Madison finished her dinner

When everyone was finished, the kids started running laps around the trash cans!

What could possibly be more fun???

Keenan putting the moves on Madison - right in front of her mom!

Keenan and Tucker trying to hit on the girls...
(Madison) "Do you guys know that we're like, older than you??"

Goofy smile

Goodbye hug for Madison

As we were leaving, Keenan just went around hugging everyone!

Hug from Vivian

After we left the mall, Keenan still seemed to be in a decent mood, and wasn't falling asleep, so we stopped at K-mart to make a return. While I was waiting at Customer Service, he played on the computer at the "Get a Job at K-Mart" kiosk. =)

Fortunately it was already broken!

After that, the kids were Still doing well, so we went to Walmart to pick up a new pool and a couple other things. I paid for my stuff, got all the way back out the van, Keenan strapped into his seat, and was putting Moriah's seat in the van...when I realized there was one more thing in my cart that I hadn't paid for! Back out of the van, into the cart, back into the store - where I jsut handed the item (a bowl) to the woman at the little podium inside the door, because by that time, I didn't really want to wait in line again to pay for it. Back out the van (where I had a brief moment of panic, thinking I had locked my keys inside), loaded back up, stopped to buy gas, and then finally home!

The last noteworthy event of the day was that Keenan used the potty before bed! We called Daddy to share the exciting news and then we all went to bed.. =)

Introducing some new friends...

Starbucks Bottled Frapuccinos!
(These are what make early mornings not all that bad!)

Caramel and Vanilla are my favorites
(Not quite as good as the actual frozen, blended kind with whipped cream, but they don't have as many calories either, and you can save them as long as you like!)

P.S. Email still not working.. =0/


Anonymous said...

I take one of those frappucino (sp?) bottles with me EVERY DAY to work! I take applejuice in them though because they were the only small glass bottles Mark could find. I don't even like them (Mark drank the original ones) but I just found out that some of my kids thought I'd been drinking one every day! You'd think that the colour might have tipped them off!
Anyway, I'm impressed with all you got accomplished last night! I would have found that tiring even without having two kids with me!
Love you guys,

Aunt Heather said...

We discovered them in CA 3 years ago!

Joia said...

Rebekah, that's a Great idea to reuse the bottles, I will definitely hang onto some! Philip brings me one of these home from work every day, since he gets FREE Starbucks at Sacred Heart in Pensacola! Woohoo!

Flakymn said...

Joia, is every TUesday night family night? What time is it at?

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, Philip gets free starbucks? That is a girl's dream come true!!!!! Well, at least mine. And, yes, I am beyond behind in your blog. I am making the time (instead of packing for our trip!!) to sit down and catch up! Love you, Jessica

Mom E said...

well, I beat Jessica in being "behind". Hey, do I get a prize for this? lol. It's kinda' fun when I know I'm Really behind, cuz I can write what I want, basically, and know that no one ('cept you) will probably read what I write! ;]