Friday, June 12, 2009

Bright and Early Biscuits, etc...

Myrtle makes Amazing biscuits. I have never made a very good biscuit. Myrtle offered to show me how to make amazing biscuits, any time I want. I decided that this morning was as good a time as any. She came over at 7:30 (hey, we're all up anyway, right?) and showed me the biscuit making secrets and then we had breakfast together, how fun!

She doesn't measure Anything, so I watched and measured some stuff as she was doing it and wrote Lots down. Now we'll have to see if mine turn out anything like hers do when I make them on my own... =)

Before she came over, she asked me (and this is what I heard) if I had an "orange skillet". I was puzzled... Hmmm... I have a Red skillet, is that close enough? Does it Have to be Orange?? What difference does the color make, anyway?" When I hesitated, she knew I didn't have one, and went on to say "...because an oran (oh, IRON!) skillet is what I always use and I think it makes the best biscuits." Yes, iron skillet, her adorable accent had me puzzled for a minute. The answer was no, I don't have one, so she brought hers.

Myrtle mixing up the biscuits (and Keenan on hand to offer any size of measuring cup she might need)

After she got the dough to the right consistency, she would drop a spoonful of it into a bowl of flour, flip it over, pinch it in half, and then coat each biscuit in flour before putting it into the oiled skillet....

She fits a lot in!!

The master at work

After she had packed the skillet full of biscuits, we put it in the Oven - I have certainly never done that before! (I guess I might need to buy an "Oran" skillet now, since my red one probably can't go in the oven!) =)

Taking time to "get some sugar" from the kids while the biscuits were baking =)

There's a lot of love between these three...

Out of the oven!

Reading a book to Keenan while I got some eggs ready to go with the biscuits

She flipped it out of the skillet onto a plate...

...and they all pull apart!

The biscuits were Fantastic! She also made a warm chocolate sauce (I had Never heard of having chocolate sauce for breakfast before, but hey, I'm up for chocolate Anytime!) to go over the biscuits that was quite good too! I think I ate my day's allotement of calories all before 8:30 am! =)

As we were getting ready to get in the van this afternoon, Keenan kept saying something about a "bug". After I put Moriah in, I went around to his side and said, "Where's the bug"? (figuring it had run off or something). But no, he pointed, and this rather large grasshopper was sitting on one of our tires! I got a stick and moved him to the grass before we left. I think he would have gotten Really dizzy when we pulled out of the driveway!

I can't get over how long his "feelers" are!

Keenan will be starting swim lessons in a week and a half so we went to the East Pool on base to register him and also to swim. I figured it would be a good idea to go a couple times before he starts so he's really familiar with the pool, before I expect him to go in the water for swim lessons with someone he hasn't met before. I also wanted to practice schlepping two kids and our swim stuff (without a stroller), up and down the stairs into the pool area. It went surprisnly well!

Keenan is soo ready for swim lessons! He let me dunk him under (and then kept wanting me to do it again!) He also wanted to jump off the side to me, and was even okay with me letting him go underwater a couple times before I caught him!

Moriah hanging out at the edge of the pool

Woohoo for the weekend and for Philip being (well, in a couple of hours) half done his Pensacola rotation!

Oh, come on Red Wings!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go decorate a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake for a little dude's birthday party tomorrow...

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Mom E said...

the next time we visit, PLS. make sure you invite Myrtle over! And I'll even bring my oran pan cuz I do have one! LOL. Off to Ohio tomorrow, er today. Love you!