Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not much

We took Keenan to the doctor yesterday and he had developed an ear infection in his left ear in the past couple of days. He's now on antibiotics for that, and his fever has also gone away. He does still have a cough though, which doesn't make for great sleeping (for him or me). I have a couple pictures from his doctor visit, but for some reason can't upload pictures to the blog right now...

So... ants are disgusting. I know that there are MANY bugs more gross than ants, and...one at a time, I don't think ants are gross at all (fire ants are Nasty, but not gross). However, in large numbers, especially large numbers IN my house... ants are Disgusting!!! I realized last night that we had an infestation in our snack cupboard. First I just saw a few here and there, and then I got up on a chair and looked at the second shelf, and... almost started hyperventilating!! Ewww!!! They were everywhere, and when I shone a flashlight into the top of the cupboard I could see where they were coming and going from... a tiny hole in the corner, that must lead into the wall, because there were none in the next cupboard. After I quickly grabbed out anything we wanted to salvage, Philip doused them with Raid. Man, that stuff is potent! I haven't seen any more today, but our bug guy is coming tomorrow to take care of it. Yuck!

Not a whole lot else going on here (except secret stuff), and I haven't taken any pictures of the kids today. Much more fun posting to come, I promise.. =)

I'll end with a random quote I came across a couple weeks ago that I love:

"Cleaning the house while children are still growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing!" AMEN!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Sunday

Most of these pictures are from last night, when we went to visit Philip at work. He was working late, getting things ready for his next rotation, so we picked up Sonic drinks and hung out for a while.

Doesn't the bottom half of her body seem too chubby for the top half?? =)

Philip checking out Keenan's ears, to see if an infection might explain his fever..

Nope! Not at this point, anyway...

Chillin' at Daddy's desk

Chewing on Doctor K's Ratatouille

Being sweet with Daddy

Silly kid

During this whole time, Keenan was pushing the stroller around, climbing in and out of it, getting things out of the fridge, trying to play on people's computers, and stealing things off of random desks... I was pretty sure where everything came from though. =)

Today all of us but Philip have been home bound. He went in to work, but Keenan's fever is still here, so the three of us have been hanging out here. I am working on a "secret project" which is taking a fair amount of time, but one that I will not disclose details about or show pictures of until it is finished. =)

Random note - we got a call from Sudan yesterday (from Philip's dad), putting our list of "African Countries we've been called from in the past two weeks" up to four! Andrew has called from Mozambique and South Africa, and Dan from Kenya and Sudan.. pretty fun. =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Party Across the Bayou

This afternoon, despite some light rain, we went to a Family Medicine Residency party at Dr. G's house (just a few minutes away). It was a lot of fun! There was a lot of fun people there, some great food, and Philip and Keenan even got to go for a boat ride and get pulled in a tube! (I didn't realize this was happening at the time, so I don't have pictures).

Sweet picture of Andrea and sleeping Chloe

Moriah, Me and Roy

Who's Roy, you might ask? This is Roy Finch, and if you don't know who he is, you will soon! (Well, that is, if you follow American College Football). Roy is the son of one of the Second Year Residents here at Eglin. He was a (much sought after) running back for Niceville High School, and just today has signed with the Oklahoma Sooners! (Seriously, google "Roy Finch" and you'll find him - he's been on ESPN and everything!) I had this picture taken, so in a few years, when everybody knows him, I can say, "Here's me and Roy Finch, I knew him before he was famous!" LOL! He's a great kid, very talented, but very humble as well, and loves the Lord.

Philip and Keenan actually spent most of the time in the water and Keenan learned how to keep himself upright in a life jacket by himself! He was starting to get a little wrinkly by the time they finally came out! =)
I love how his hair is so smooth and perfect here! =)

Clay rockin' the bouncy castle

He's graduated and moving in three days, so he doesn't have to worry about his professional image any more... =)

I love this dress on Moriah (she got it from the residency program director and his wife) and thought she looked so pretty on Dr. G's yellow couch...

Her smiley "I'm just chillin" look...

... followed by "This is my serious face, don't mess with me"...

... a relaxed, happy pose...

... up close and personal

Wild Animal Fun

Last night, both kids were lying on pillows facing each other, when Keenan decided they should get the animals out and play!

"Here you go, Moriah!"

"Is that enough trees for you?"

"...and here's the Animals!"

"Are you serious, you're Really going to let me play with your favorite one.. the Tiger??"

"Woohoo! I get the Tiger!"

"These trees are actually quite tasty..."

"Um.. why does everything have to be This close to me??"


"Hello! Haven't you ever heard of 'personal space' before?"

Oh, Nuts....

"Well, I might as well try another tree..."

Goofy guy (I actually put him up to this)

Then it was bathtime...

Playing with her clean toes

Look at those lashes!

This is random, it just struck me funny when I saw it...

Look at the tiny trailer on it! =)

Philip is DONE with his Pensacola rotation! Woohoo! No more rotations there, ever!!

Keenan's feeling a bit better today, so if he gets up from his nap in time, we'll probably head over to the Residency party this afternoon...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Keenan funnies, etc...

Boy do we ever love this little guy.... and does he ever crack us up!!

Unfortunately, his temperature was way back up today (104 unmedicated), so he spent a lot of time sleeping and "I want up"ping. Fortunately Myrtle is doing fine today and hasn't come down with anything.

I've been keeping track of some of the funny things he says. Here are a few:

Cars in Time Out

The other day Keenan walked up to me, holding one of his little cars...
(Keenan)"Car naughty"
(Me) "What did the car do?"
(Keenan) "Be naughty on floor"
(Me) "Oh"
(Keenan) "Car get time out! Car get spankin'!" (He spanks it and it falls on the floor) "Car get time out, I put in time out"
He goes around the corner into the front room (where his time out spot is), sets the car on the floor and says, "Wait for beep,car" (When Keenan is in time out, we set a timer in the kitchen and tell him that he has to wait for the beep before he can come out).
He comes back in the kitchen and I turned on the timer... beep, beep!
Keenan goes back in the front room, picks up the car and comes back out. He holds up the car and looks at me.
(Me) "Are you going to talk?" (We always have a talk with Keenan after and ask him why he got a time out, etc..)
(Keenan) "Why get time out, car? Sit wif me" and he sat down on the floor.
(After his time out, we often say "Come here, sit with me and let's talk")
He looks at the car and says, "Why get time out?" (After he had decided the car understood what it had done wrong, he went and got a truck and did it all over!)

All his "marts"

Last night Keenan said, "Where's Daddy, in Shalimart?" I asked him to repeat it because I didn't know what he was saying. "Shalimart!"
"Oh!" I said, "Shalimar!" (a town near here). No, it's "Shalimar", not "mart".
Apparently to him, there's K-Mart, Walmart...and Shalimart!


For most of my life I've been a little self conscious about my nose. I think it's sort of big. Several people said mean things about it when I was younger, and I've had a hard time getting past that. Anyway, I thought I was doing okay with it, until the other day when Keenan and I were talking about noses. He was eating lunch and he pointed at his nose and said, "My nose", I said, "Yup, that's your nose". Then he pointed at my nose and said, "Mama's nose?" I said, "Yes, Mama has a nose too." He said, "You have Big nose... (then, pointing at his own, said) Keenan has Tiny nose!" Thank you, thanks a lot, Keenan...

Big Woman?

Lately, we've been teaching Keenan to realize the difference between babies, kids and adults. He knows that Moriah is a baby and that he is a "big boy". He asked me the other day if I was a
"big girl" and at first I said, "Yes,", but then I said, "Actually Mommy is a Woman and Daddy is a Man".
Today he said, "Mommy are you big boy?" I said, "No, what is Mommy?" He said, "Woman? You big woman?" I rolled my eyes and said, "Well, I'd prefer Average Woman, actually".

Rock a Bye Baby

For the past few weeks, any time Philip or I start to sing this song to Keenan, he immediately starts listing off people and things that we also need to "rock a bye", besides him. We have sung "Rock a bye... Keenan, Daddy, Mommy, Moriah, Bunny, paci, fire truck, Grandma, Grandpa, Lightning McQueen, Myrtle, Doc Hudson, curtains, bed, cup, toes, Bible,"... you name it!

My turn!

We left the house to go to Sonic this afternoon and Keenan piped up and said, "My turn, I drive in the van now!"

Other Stuff

* For scoot over, he says "scoof"
* If something is too small for him to fit in/through, he says "It's too fit!"
* If he's eaten something and it's all gone and I ask where it went, he says "Down hill!"

Random note - I can't believe I forgot to mention that Moriah slept for NINE hours the night before last! Last night was pretty good too, but she did wake up in the night... I could get used to actually sleeping through the night!

This morning, Philip and Moriah had their first outing together, just the two of them. (I had a cute picture of them before they left..that I accidentally deleted) Philip took her on base to the Photo Department to have pictures done for her Canadian passport. They turned out pretty cute!

I did take some pictures of the kids this evening, but I'll wait on them until tomorrow... I'm very much wanting to follow my kids to bed now.

One more random note (Anyone who has seen my Facebook status already knows this)... I totally freaked out for a second when Keenan came running into Moriah's room this afternoon with his hands covered in peanut butter. I thought it was.... not peanut butter.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today was a day of unexpected changes! Keenan was sort of cranky this morning, but we all (four) went to his swim lesson anyway. I spent most of the time sitting on the edge of the pool right beside him, and Philip spent a lot of time with us also, convincing Keenan to stay in and do the stuff with his class, instead of clinging to us.

Shortly after we got home, he went down for a nap. An hour and a half later, he woke up (and felt pretty warm), asking for more water. I (assuming he was done with his nap), got him some more water, and decided to check his temperature. It was 104! Poor kid, no wonder he hadn't had a very good morning! I gave him some Tylenol, and he PUT HIMSELF back to bed and slept for another hour or two!

Unfortunately, today was the Residency Banquet - the one event every year where all the residents and their spouses get dressed up, and attend a banquet in honor of the intern and third year graduates. It's a time of great food, good friends, and some hilarious class videos! Since Keenan was sick... I would not be going... =0/ I was sooo disappointed. I called Vanessa and canceled our plans for Keenan to spend the evening with them...

He spent the next few hours sleeping, or snuggling with me. Then, bam! He was back to his regular, happy, normal temperature self! Okay, Now what do I do?? He Seems fine now, but I can't take him to Vanessa's, just in Case he's still sick, because their family is leaving on a big trip soon. ALL of the friends I have around here have kids and I didn't want to expose anyone to even the Chance that they might catch something... I prayed about it, and told the Lord that I was willing to stay home, but that if there was any way that I could go, would he please give me a clear sign about how that would work? =)

Wendi was really helpful and offered to get in touch with a few people she knew, but as she was doing that (about two hours before the banquet) .... Myrtle called. When I told her about my disappointing/frustrating situation, she immediately said, "Well, do you want me to watch him?" I said, "I don't know Myrtle, he might be too much for you, and.... what if You get sick?? I would feel terrible!" She said, "Me? Get sick??? Shoot!" Anyway, she is totally amazing and ended up watching Keenan for us so we could go to the banquet together! (Thank you Lord, and thank you Myrtle!) Moriah came along and she was no problem.

We had a Great time and so did Keenan and Myrtle! He was asleep when we left at 5:30 and slept until 7:00, so when we got home shortly after 9, she was just reading him his bedtime story, so we got to see him. =)

Thank you Wendi for the Gorgeous pictures you shared!

Cute girl all dressed up

Funny face!

Already interested in the cell phone...

"Foofing" her fancy dress before a picture

A rare one of the three of us

I love this one!

Me and my handsome man

Modeling my napkin =)

Fast asleep

Sleepy little princess (this is a different nap than the one above)

Another of the three of us

Dr. G (who delivered Moriah), Moriah, me and Bethany (who is in Keenan's swim class!)
I think it's hilarious that Dr. G had four pagers on!

All us gals dressed up!
Me, Kacey, Tiffany, Jodi, Brittney, Wendi

A small wifia picture (Andrea had already left and Sarah is out of town)

Singing to Keenan in his bed

Myrtle gave me this beautiful bracelet

She said, "You've been such a blessing to me (that's sweet of her to say, but I'M the blessed one in this friendship), so I wanted you to have something of mine. If you don't like it, you don't have to have it..." I Love it and I am soo touched and honored that she wanted to give me such a special gift! I wore it to the banquet tonight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evening out and a VERY sleepy boy...

Even though we "tried" for an hour and a half this afternoon, Keenan refused to nap. So... on our way to the dinner at the church tonight to meet some friends, he fell asleep (for about 8 minutes until we got there).

Dinner was delicious (stuffed chicken), and the company was great! After dinner we went over to our friend's house for a trial run for tomorrow evening. My friend, Vanessa (and her two kids, Vivian and Tucker) are going to entertain Keenan (and possibly Moriah) while Philip and I are at a banquet on base tomorrow night. Keenan had never been to their house before, so tonight was a chance to let him get familiar with their house before we drop him off for a few hours tomorrow. He LOVED it! I think he was a little overwhelmed at first at All the new toys, and wasn't sure even where to start! He and Tucker and Vivi are going to have So much fun together! I'd like to leave Moriah too, so Philip and I can have a kid free evening with our friends, but I will wait and decide tomorrow when I see how she's feeling, etc...

Before we left the church, the kids posed with the pirate board (there for VBS this week)...

Keenan (not looking too scary)

Tucker (looking sort of surprised!)

Vivian (with her "Arrgh!" face on)

Moriah loves Vanessa... =)

Having a chat

A sweet hug from Vivian

Playing with Vanessa's beads

Keenan was a big fan of this "digger" at Tucker's house

The boys playing on the "computer"

The three of them just before we left (none of the kids wanted it to end!)

Remember the part where I said Keenan didn't nap this afternoon? Well... that manifested itself Very clearly when he had a meltdown as we were leaving Vanessa's... He was pretty weepy the whole way home and then completely lost it when we got home. He was so tired, he could not hold himself together. We skipped his bath, and just went straight to bed, but he had a hard time settling, so I laid down in his bed beside him and sang him to sleep... a sweet ending to a rather bumpy day... =)