Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wifia... bigger and better all the time =)

We had the wifia lunch at Sarah's today. All six of us (as well as the three babies, one toddler and four bigger kids) were there today, so it was pretty crazy at times! Oh, there was also one baby in utero present... Tiffany is 16 weeks pregnant! We're so excited to be welcoming another baby into the group this fall!

(These first two pictures are actually from yesterday when we were at Sarah's that I forgot to post...)

The cutest little conductor ever!

Taking Della for a ride

Moriah and Elijah in the Bumbo chairs
(They couldn't stop staring at their feet! So cute!)

She seems soo grown up in here!

Della decided to take a seat on the edge of Moriah's chair =)

Keenan and William playing well together

If you look, you can see all Eight kids in this picture!

Della loves the babies!

Sarah, Jodi and Tiff

A cute picture of all the girls

Elijah and his girlfriends =)
(This is the First time we've managed to get a picture of the three babies together when they're all awake!)

A fun one of all of us with our babes

"Wifia 2009"

The Divas in the Thomas train

Della is So sweet with Moriah!

A goofy picture of the three of them

Philip had another great night at work last night, so he was awake when we got home from the lunch. He was changing the oil on the car, so Keenan wanted to get in on the action too...

Woohoo! I'm under the car!

"Do 'gain!"

Okay, this seems to be the problem right here...


Brittny said...

i love the photos!!! and that is one packed house for wifia!!! now i see why you gals go outside to meet when you can! the babies are getting so big and look so cute together.

denise said...

LOVE the bumbo, they were AWESOME, I had 3! Cute pictures.

mamunaco said...

The picture of Moriah and Elijah checking out their toes in the Bumbos is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I LOVE IT!!! :)

auntmary said...

Tell Keenan that Uncle Dennis could use some help at his BTC shop. Along with many other services, they do oil changes there too.