Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wet Wifia!

It was a Beautiful day for the wifia lunch at Lincoln Park today!

Keenan was "too cool" to sit with me, so he moved to the other end of the bench!

Tiff's parents are in town - I thought this was a great picture of the three of them!

Keenan having a grand old time (this is shortly after he buried and lost his shovel...which Mommy found!)

Eating one of the mini cupcakes Sarah brought (since it's Della's birthday today!)

Sweet little ladies


This cracks me up =)

The adorable birthday girl, Della!

I'm not sure what they're doing, but they're having fun!

William looking awfully cute (trying out Keenan's hat)

My sleeping princess

How adorable are they???

As the kids played in the water, we noticed that there are a ton of crabs (don't worry, they didn't bite the kids, they were a Lot more afraid of the kids than the kids were of them!) Some of the girls (not me, this Canadian doesn't know anything about catching crabs!) decided to try catch some with the kids sand pails. They did manage to catch a little one!

Catching a crab!!

Here's the little dude... they let him go after the kids looked at it

Della, Jonathan and Keenan checking out the little crab

Hey Keenan, what's with your hair?

Oh.... nice
(This took a rinse at a spigot at the park and then a bath at home to get it all out!)

Moriah snoozin' in the shade

Cute smile back at home

Dinner was easy tonight. We (along with Myrtle) went to the Old Ferry Cafe. The Shalimar United Methodist Church (where I go for MOPS), serves an Amazing dinner every Wednesday night for Anyone that's interested, and it's only $6 a person! Tonight we had spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and a choice of three desserts (as well as three different drink choices). You can't beat that! I'm serving next week, and Marinated Sirloin is on the menu! Yum!

Myrtle and I

Doesn't she look Amazing?
She met several of my friends tonight, who "knew" her from the blog... she's famous! =)

My boys

After dinner, Philip drove straight to work and we came home and played outside for a while... I got bored again, and noticed that the position of the sun in the sky made for perfect shadow conditions on the driveway!

Can you tell that the lump I'm holding is Moriah?

Just the two of us

Me and my girl again before bed


Mom E said...

I have some pretty cool "shadow pictures" of Jessica, Reagan, Hudson, Isaac and me.
Myrtle looks great! And the photo of the 4 kids holding hands on the beach was Adorable!
Love, Mom

Jen said...

The Lincoln Park pictures look fun. I definitely need to check it out.
I'm so glad I was able to meet Myrtle. Everytime I meet someone locally that looks familiar I start to wonder if I know them from your blog :)
See you in the morning!

auntmary said...

Myrtle looks fabulous. You and your family are such a wonderful inspiration (to me) and such a blessing to her. On behalf of Myrtle, thanks for befriending her!! ♥♥