Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday happenings...

Better late than never... here's what we did yesterday...

We went to the wifia lunch (for a while) at the park, but it was soooo windy (and Keenan desperately needed a nap, due to his early rising time) that we didn't stay long.

Keenan played with this cool truck of Christopher's almost the entire time we were there!

Pretty fun stuff...

Isaac having a turn

We had just enough time at home for the kids to get naps, and then we were off again. It was my turn to help serve at the Wednesday night dinner at the church in Shalimar where I attend MOPS. It's always a lot of fun! It was a great night to be working, since they had marinated sirloin and I got to bring dinner home for Philip and I! There were over 200 people there, since it was a special "Teacher Appreciation" night as well...

We put out a TON of cake (and it was almost all eaten!)

Look at all that salad!

Moriah having fun in the nursery (apparently she's ready for me to get her exersaucer out!)

Jen and I were serving the hot food in the kitchen:

Jen, veggie girl

Spud girl
(These were the yummy, skins in, kind!)

The finished product

These pretty salads were the other meal option

Yup, that's me, so mature...
(Notice the sign behind my head)

Moriah getting one on one time with Jen L.
(She couldn't take her eyes off this ball!)

Keenan showing me a cool toy when I went to pick him up

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