Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had Keenan's Little Seedling Playgroup today instead of Monday, because of the holiday. Today's theme was parachutes and balls! For the first little part, Keenan is usually a little shy (and then totally gets crazy later on!) But I can tell that he is getting more and more comfortable with everyone, and he even said his name out loud in the "welcome song" this morning (none of the kids had been brave enough yet, so it was so fun that he did it today!)

Playing the triangle

He Loved being under the parachute!

All of the kids preferred being underneath the parachute, to bouncing the balls on top =)

Coloring time!

Keenan liked coloring on the paper a lot more than on his magnet picture frame

Showing off his work to Lupe and Allison


Hey, Donovan, touch your toes, dude...

Snack time!

Story time - Old Macdonald had a Farm

A group shot with me in it

There was no wifia lunch today, since almost everyone was unavailable and it was sooo muggy out! After playgroup we came home, played for a while, had lunch and then all took naps!

Moriah is still not rolling over, so she's having extra tummy time these days...
Here Keenan is giving her some moral support

Here, Moriah, have some cars!

It's hydrangea time again!
One of the few times every year that our yard actually yields something beautiful! =)

I made chicken cordon bleu for dinner (maybe the first time ever?) so I'm excited to see how it turns out! Actually I think I may have committed a culinary faux pas, by using cheddar instead of swiss... I'm not sure if I can even call it chicken cordon bleu? Oh well... it smells great and Philip is almost home... See ya!

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Mom W. said...

The chicken cordon bleu sounds good and I am quite sure that Philip would like it no matter what kind of cheese you used... right?