Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank you!

The comments have been especially nice to read the last couple days when I have been sick... they've made for some bright spots in my day. =)

Yesterday was the worst day and today I feel much better. I had a fever of 102.4 at one point yesterday, and one minute I'd be sweating and the next minute shivering and putting on long sleeves. The worst part was I just felt sooo weak! Lifting Keenan was definitely a challenge some times. =) My fever is gone today, but I still don't think I should be around other people yet, so I think we're going to miss out on Isaac's birthday party. (Philip was going to take Keenan, but right now he's at the bi-annual grocery case lot sale, and the line is super long, and he won't make it home in time..) =(

I haven't been taking many pictures, but here's a few:

I brought up a box of baby toys from the basement for Moriah and Keenan was pretty interested in them as well! =)

The first time I had given her some "hangy toys", she really likes them!

"Hey little sis, I'll show you how this is done..."

He sat in here and actually got stuck!!

"Mission De-Pacification"

We have decided it's time to oust Keenan's pacifier once and for all. He has strictly just had it when sleeping for a while now, and now we're working on getting rid of it all together. The method we've chosen is "trimming" (I think we heard or read about this somewhere). What we do is, every couple days, we cut a little bit off the end of his pacifier. This makes it harder to get suction on, and will eventually be too small for him to hold in his mouth at all. The idea is, instead of convincing him to just give up the pacifier, it will become unappealing to him and he will decide he doesn't want it anyway... This is what it looks like now (after two trimmings):

It's kind of sad (I actually considered keeping the pieces we trimmed off, how pathetic am I??)


Rabens Family said...

We will miss seeing you guys at the party, but we understand. Rest up and get feeling better soon.

rachel said...

Great idea to get rid of the pacifier now...I just had a 5 year old patient the other day who STILL used hers and she was headed for some major orthodontics!

Hope you feel better soon!

The other thing I have heard of is to have a "goodbye" party for them, where you tie them to balloons and send them off to the sky!

Mom E said...

The photo of Keenan and Moriah laying together on the floor is adorable and just TOO CUTE is the one of K. in the toy box!!