Friday, May 29, 2009

Texting, texting, 1, 2, 3....

Texting. There was a blurb on the radio yesterday morning about texting and some of the negative impacts it's having on today's teens. The thought popped into my head: I have Never once felt the Need to send a text, and therefore, have NEVER sent one. Not a single one. Ever. (Neither has Philip). I'm pretty sure we are the minority!

Share your thoughts! Do you text a lot? Would you be lost without it? Are you totally "uncool" if you don't text? Anyone other "non-texters" out there (between the ages of 20 and 35?)


The Woodford's said...

Hi Joia! I have never texted (and rarely even Used a cell phone) before coming to Mexico. Now Tim and I use it if we are out of the local range of each other's cell phone, and would have to pay long distance. It's been handy for that - but I don't know that we would use it other wise.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

hey joia!
I text all the time and would be lost without it. I use it so i dont use my minutes to call people. Its just easier! but if we didnt have it then ya i would probably be lost without it!

Lisa said...

This is funny that you post this! I don't text and neither does my husband. My friends make fun of me when they text me and then I just call them right back because I can't text them back. We don't even have texting on our phone service!

Anonymous said...

I don't text, but then I'm way over the 35 age group!! Maybe "older" people don't text as much??
I only have a very basic cell phone that lets me make & receive calls and that's all I care about. Do we need more than that??
And half the time I forget to turn it on!! LOL

denise said...

there are certain people I text, and others I call. Some of those people live out in the boonies, so they are more able to get a text rather than phone reception. I only text those I know have a plan. Honestly, it's because they don't check their email often and because my boys are being way too loud to make a phone call at that moment. Another reason why I text is if I am in a store and find a great clearance deal, I text it out to a few people in case they want to stop by and get the items. Dan, however, does not text.

Tara said...

I hate texting and am w/ Lisa! I have been forced to send a few replies for fear of looking rude, but I think it's impersonal and, if important, will just call the person back!