Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sonic Flood

Thanks to Wendi (and her friend, Joan), for babysitting, Philip and I were able to enjoy a great Sonic Flood concert tonight on base!

It was so cool to be able to go to a concert by such a great group, five minutes from our house... for Free!!

Among Sonic Flood's big hits are these well known songs: "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever", "I Want to Know You", "Here I Am to Worship"

We were able to get great seats, pretty close to the stage, and also got a free box of popcorn! =0)

Waiting for things to get started
(We're not sure what Philip did to his face, he scratched it or something without realizing it)

Moriah had sort of a rocky start to the evening, didn't want her bottle and wouldn't sleep either, so Wendi (amazing friend that she is), drove her over to where we were, waited while I nursed her in the van, and then took her back to her house! How cool is she??? Moriah and Keenan both had a great rest of the evening...

Start of the concert

From left: Phil Baquie (Guitar), Branden Taulbee (Bass guitar) and Rick Heil (lead singer)


Rick with the drummer, Chris Knight

Shot in the dark

They sang some beautiful stuff (some that I'd never heard before and a lot that I'd heard on the radio, but didn't realize was them!) Rick shared his testimony, which I would try to recap, but this article will tell it much better than I could.

It was an incredible night of great music, glory given to God, and the amazing experience of being surrounded by fellow military families, praising the same God we worship!

Here's a short clip of one of their newer songs: (This is for the audio, not the visual)

Cute picture Wendi shared... Scrubs trying to get Keenan's snack
(He apparently licked Keenan's toes too!) =)

A sleeping Moriah cuddled up on Wendi when we got back =)


Blackman Blog said...

Oh...I am almost jealous. Love all those songs! :) Glad you guys could go that Wendi is AWESOME! :)

Mom E said...

How Awesome! The sound on the video was incredible! And the photos so clear, for the most part. I'm not "almost" jealous, I *am* jealous! lol. I love Sonic Flood. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends and to know there are so many other believers in the military!! God is good!