Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playdate with Jonathan and Chloe =)

Andrea called me this morning and asked if we'd like to meet them at the Landing. We didn't have anything on our "social calendar" yet for the day, so it was perfect! =)

It was actually quite cool out (I was chilly with shorts on), but it was a nice change from the heat!

Jonathan and Keenan ready to zoom down the fast slide!

They LOVED chasing each other all over the place and up and down this ramp!

Big brothers with Chloe and Moriah

Checking out the water

We had lunch together at Wendy's before parting ways. Keenan was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home (and is taking a GREAT nap!)

Still holding his kids meal toy =)

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take some pictures of the two kids together...

Look how big she looks standing up!

How sweet are they??

Dude on the fireplace

I love little toes

Happy guy

"When are we going to be done?"

Man, I love this kid...

Thinking deep thoughts

Authentic Keenan face =)

Putting the puzzle back together

Keenan with his fleet of trucks and cars
(He spends Hours every day playing with these!)


Rabens Family said...

Cute pictures, Joia! I am amazed that you can get the kids to look at the camera. I need some lessons or new kids to work with.

denise said...

I LOVE the picture of Keenan laying on the floor with the letters on his belly. So CUTE! Love the coloring you changed it to, also.

Mom W. said...

What, no post for Wednesday...? Is everyone still alive and well there??
These are really cute with the letters of his name. No mistaken who that kid is...

The lilacs are in bloom here Joia! They smell so good...