Monday, May 18, 2009

Play Group number two

We had a busy Monday morning! We left the house a little before 8:30, dropped off Philip's lunch at the hospital, then went to pick up some tents and tunnels for playgroup (that Brittney so generously agreed to lend us). Then we stopped at Sonic (I know it was kind of early, but I slept Terribly last night and was in desperate need of some caffeine in the form of a Java Chiller!) Next, we went to playgroup (and actually got there early) What a great start to the week! =)

I took Moriah's tummy time mat along so she could watch all the goings on

Keenan and I (still in the shy phase at the start of the group)

This is Alessandra and her mom, Brenda (they couldn't make it last week)

...and their 2 month old baby, Lilianna

Playing the symbols

Keenan in one of the tunnels

Tent and tunnel land!

Della in the tunnel

Keenan chillin'

LOL! I love this picture of the girls fighting over Moriah's tummy time pillow! =)

Baby yoga!
(Standing on one foot)

Yup, this is my yoga pose...

Mommy and Moriah

Story time - Goin' on a Bear Hunt

Then it was home for lunch and naps. Keenan didn't nap that long though, so I tried to convince him to sleep on the couch with me. He lay very still and quiet for a long time, while I sang to him. All of a sudden, he randomly said, "I need some popcorn, or sumpin', Momma!" LOL!

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