Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nights again and a Picture mixture

Philip started another two week rotation of nights yesterday. He started off with a bang! This morning he came home and said that he'd already gotten about five hours of sleep! While the kids and I went to hang out with Sarah and Della, he got a few hours of sleep, and then was able to wake up on his own (gradually, not rudely awakened by the alarm clock or a little boy jumping on him), and then shower and chill for a bit before we got home. Then he and Keenan played for a while before the kids and I took naps. After that, he and Keenan ran some errands and we all had dinner together and some more play time before he had to leave for work again! I told him to keep this up! =)

A few pictures from the last couple days...

I caught Philip playing with Moriah under her toy bar
.Moriah's "Elf ear"
This happens sometimes when she's lying on her side and her ear gets flipped over... it'll stay like that sometimes for a minute or longer if I don't touch it! So funny!

Another angle

Sleeping with Bunny

Keenan loves corn on the cob! He tried it for the first time a couple nights ago and is a Huge fan! He must get that from me... my family could eat it for an entire meal! =)


This cob doesn't stand a chance!

Watch him go! (I love how he takes random bites here and there!)

Proudly showing off all three of his (half) cobs!

Moriah in a cute Pooh outfit from Sarah

I love the detail on the pants

A couple other pictures from the park...

Climbing the little rock wall

Crazy curls!

In the water with shoes on!


Flakymn said...

So awesome he got sleep on nights! I really hope he keeps that up.

The ear ... weird!!!

Corn ... I actually hate it. Isn't that weird?

Isaac loves it!

Jen said...

The video is adorable. I got a chuckle out of it too. Cute, cute, cute!

The Mac's House said...

Corn in our family is the best also. Coming from a small farming town, summers were all about the corn, sitting down to eat it as a meal is awesome. I'm with Keenan on that one.

Loved the pics, great as always.

Oh that ear, what a trick that is.....

Cute video...