Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture loaded post

Today was a pretty average day, spent mostly here at home....

While I was getting Keenan down for a (much needed) morning nap, Riah dozed off in her seat

After Keenan's nap, we headed outside until Philip woke up...

Moriah's first time in our pool!
(She thought it was a little cool)

Huge smile... right before Keenan let her tip over!

We had a great afternoon with Philip before he headed back into work.

There were still a couple hours before bedtime, and we hadn't been away from the house yet today... so I popped a bag of popcorn (which Keenan loves), and we headed on base to the softball fields where Keenan loves to play on the bleachers. (I had also noticed, when Philip and I were there for the Sonic Flood concert, that the bleachers would be a great place for pictures!)

When we got there, I found out that a game was going on! Oh well, there were hardly any people in the stands, so Keenan could still go wherever he wanted, and I could still take all the pictures I wanted! Perfect! (I'm sure the people that Were there were wondering why I hardly cast a Single glance in the direction of the game the entire time we were there, though!)

Cool dude, busting into the popcorn

Moriah watching the game

Fun shadow

Bare feet

Cute stuff

Daddy's glove

Just lookin' handsome

Watching the game

Someday this thing will fit me...

I love this one (with the piece of popcorn that he dropped...

...and then ate!

Moriah and I (and I caught Keenan in the background!)

This one was a little out of focus, but I still like it

Don't worry, my hand is on her!

I did let go here, but I was Right there!
Keenan watching a fly ball

Yes, he's Licking her head... and she doesn't seem to mind!

Cute tootsies

Back to the popcorn
(Moriah could sit up much better in this position)

Sweet girl

Going solo while Mommy kissed Keenan's owie!

I don't know, I just like it

Sweet big bro

Goofy kids

This is one of my very favorites

I was supposed to be looking at the camera, but I was probably saying something like, "Don't put any popcorn in your mouth yet!" =)


Jessica said...

Those are awesome pictures. You should be a photographer!! I love the one of Keenan's hair close up and the caption on the one where you let go of Moriah. I can hear your voice in my head exactly how you would be saying that out loud. :) You crack me up! Love, Jessica

Brittny said...

So cute! I didn't know about the bleachers. We just might have to try those one day too! If you need somewhere to play for a little while one day, you are always welcome to come here too. The kids have been in the pool at our house while I work on the backyard.

Becky said...

Wow, great pictures Joia! The black and white one of Keenan is my absolute favorite. I love the outfit he is wearing.

I miss you and can't wait to see you guys when you come to DC.

Mom E said...

LOL, what you call an "average" day would be a "big" day for me; especially with 2 kids! U R 2 funny. ALL of the pics are so great!Thx!
Love, Mom

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