Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Pet" show and a family trip to the park

Woohoo! Philip is done with nights! It's so great to "have him back!" While he slept yesterday morning, the kids and I went on base to the annual pet show (put on by the Pet Welfare shelter on base). I put "pet" in quotations, because we really only spent a small amount of our time looking at pets.

This huge "Military Cat" mascot cracked me up

I asked a guy to take a picture of the two of us with the large cat...
WHY did he do this???

Keenan with some of the rescue dogs

This dog (Irish Wolfhound, JB said) looked much bigger in real life!

...and that's the extent of our pet pictures... now on to... Military Vehicles!!

Not your average Sheriff's transportation
(No, Keenan's not smoking, it's a lollipop)

Keenan in the driver's seat

... and in the back (it was huge!)
There's a bullet proof hatch that goes on the roof and they can put a guy up there with a gun

Keenan peeking out of one of the gun ports

Decisions, decisions, which one do I put on my Christmas list?

This sucker weighs 40 pounds!

Item on "Military Life Bucket List": Have picture of self taken in Humvee. Check.

Totally on my list of dream cars

Police boat

Keenan manning the machine gun on the front

With one of the huge trucks

Taking the wheel

One of the vehicles on Keenan's dream list

My cool dudes in another, more basic Humvee

They crack me up =)

Keenan checking out the back

Driving the Humvee

Climbing up into the back of one of the big trucks..

He was a little nervous to actually be in it though...

What he was Most interested in!

Checking out the fire truck
(and being very shy)

Keenan loved the bouncy castle - even though he was the only little kid in there with five big boys!

We got a ton of free stuff at the pet show, and then were very hot and hungry so we headed over to the food court at the BX for some lunch.

Hot cowboy on the way inside for lunch

Yum - Popeyes! (Keenan's choice)

He loves a carbonated beverage as much as his mom does!

Keenan was fast asleep when we got home, so I put him to bed, and then fed and changed Moriah and put her down too. A while later, I heard her, and went in, and she was...

Giggling away, playing with Bunny (and not the least bit tired) =)
I'm happy to see that she likes Bunny so much though!

Snuggle time, one of my favorite parts of the day

Story time with Daddy

Look how intently they're both listening! =)

We headed to Lincoln Park in the afternoon (since Philip rarely gets to go with us), so Keenan could take a "swim" and burn off some energy...

Some good looking guy I saw on the beach

A pretty sailboat on the water

I thought I might use this as the new blog header, but it's really not the right size...

Main blogger

Philip and me

...and the kids (poor timing on Keenan's part!)

I love this guy so much

There are a lot of pictures of me in this post... since there was someone else around to take pictures! Philip got some great ones...

Baby smooches

She loves this!

Okay, I love it too =)

Both my kiddos

Possibly my favorite picture ever of the two of us

I think I look very "Woodford" here =)

More kisses

Mmm... Mommy's shoulder is so tasty!

I just think she looks so sweet here...

Dipping Moriah's toes in

Daddy and his girl

Look how long her Tongue is!!

Keenan after running off down the beach

Splish splash

The rest of the evening involved a "post beach cleanup" bath for Keenan, followed by a "post bath cleanup" of the tub (since he pooped), =) followed by multiple diaper changes (due the fact that he drank half the bayou while we were there!) In other great news, he also pooped on the potty for the first time! Great celebration was had... =)

We had a free Blockbuster rental, so I got Martian Child and we watched it last night. It was really sweet! John Cusack is so great...

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We own Martian it. Got in on sale for $3 or 5! :)