Friday, May 8, 2009

One week of nights almost complete!

Although he's been getting a little Less sleep each night he's worked, Philip has still be able to only need a few hours of sleep when he gets home, so we get him for the rest of the time! It has been a great week! This morning, the kids and I ran some errands while he slept (including a successful, no freaking out from Keenan, trip through the car wash!) This afternoon, while the kids napped, we watched Marley and Me together. I loved it!

Here's some pictures from the day:

Special Delivery!
(In Philip's laptop box)

Moriah just finished giving Daddy a back massage with her feet and now she's working on his head!

After Philip left this evening, the kids and I walked to a school a few blocks from our house to play:

Can't keep this boy from climbing!


More climbing...

I thought this bench was really cute (especially with them on it!)

Coming down the tunnel

Moriah chillin' at the bottom

Our footprints

Keenan was thrilled to find a shovel that someone had left!

I thought he was really cute on these stepping stone things

A sleepy girl back at home


The Mac's House said...

Really cool pic of the footprints in the sand.

Carol said...

I loved the pictures in the sand. That would be darling as a matted picture hanging on the wall;even better if you could get Philip to join in on one. LOve you loads, Grandma Eberts

Jodi said...

Love that outfit!! ;-)