Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Nother sick day...

I've had a bit of a cold the last couple days, but overnight last night it turned into a monster... leaving me with a ragged voice, a sore throat, an incessantly running nose, and frequent bouts of sneezing! I was most bummed that I had to miss MOPS this morning! =0/

Philip got the least amount of sleep yet last night, and needed a lot of hours when he got home, so we just went into survival mode.... I let Keenan watch Cars, while I laid on the couch, and then Moriah napped beside me (she is also sick) while Keenan played with blocks and cars. Thankfully, he is getting really good at entertaining himself. He plays especially well if he knows that I am at least in the room with him. Good job, buddy! =)

Except for getting the mail, we didn't venture out of the house until Philip woke up. We had dinner together, and then I took the kids to the park, and Philip picked up some oranges and "happiness in a can" (aka carbonated beverages) =) on his way to work and dropped them off with us at the park.

We seem to always meet really nice people at this park, and Keenan had a great time running around with some new friends.

I really don't think it's a good habit for kids to climb Up the slide, but he was just so persistent on this particular one, trying and trying and not giving up, even though he couldn't manage to get up the last 18 inches without help.

So... after Sarah mentioned something the other day about finding 100 pictures on her camera that Della had taken when she wasn't looking, I thought... "Hmmm... I wonder if Keenan would be able to take a picture if I let him?" I wanted a picture of Moriah and I on the swing anyway, and the park had a rubber base (so no harm would come to the camera if he dropped it), so I asked him if he'd like to take a picture! OF COURSE he wanted to take a picture! =) He had a blast, firing away!! He took about 15 (in a Very short period of time), and after sorting through several of my feet, and a couple where I had no head, I was actually able to salvage a couple good ones!

I thought this one was really good!

Another favorite... =)

I decided to put Moriah in one of the baby swings and see how she would like it, even though she's still so small, there's Tons of extra room!

I Love swinging!

My two swingin' sweeties

"Oh man, this swing is so good, I just want to eat it!"

"I'm ready, Mom, give me an underdog!"

Video of Moriah swinging

Just to compare... here's Keenan's first time in a swing (at close to the same age)

He filled it up a little more! =)

Next was a diaper change in the back of the van, a trip to Sonic, because what better way is there to soothe a diaper rash than a limeade, right? (And yes, that's an oral medication, not a topical one...) Then it was home for baths and bed.

Chillin' before Keenan went to bed

Moriah was hanging out with me in the office while I uploaded pictures... and was just so cute lying on the futon that I had to take some more! She has recently discovered her toes and can't get enough of them!

I love this!

No Philip, this isn't the exactly same picture... see there's more foot in this one
(and I think it looks cute in black and white)

Rear view

Sweet little fingers and toes

The poor thing... even though she's sick with runny eyes, nose, and a slight fever, she's still in pretty good spirits the majority of the time!

I'm a Canadian baby, eh?

I love how her feet are perfectly together here...


Rabens Family said...

Cute pictures, Joia. I am glad to see that being sick hasn't slowed you down from taking pictures. We will be praying that everyone gets better soon.

Blackman Blog said...

I love the FLAG shots! :)

rachel said...

I LOVE the swing pictures...SO cute! :-) Ahh...I can't wait! Your blog makes me so excited!

grriffins said...

LOVE the swing pictures. Kiernan would be spilling out I'm sure with all his extra rolls... VERY adorable little girl!