Friday, May 15, 2009

NCP and randomness

First a quick question: Who out there knew what I was talking about in yesterday's post (with the swings), when I said, "give me and underdog"? Is this a Canadian phrase, or is it not even that, and it was just something that I heard in my circle growing up? (After I posted this, I Googled it, it's not just me! Yay!) There you go, Philip, I'm not crazy!

Moving on... This afternoon after Philip left for work, we headed to the Niceville Children's Park, and played at the splash pad for the first time this season! Keenan Loved it, and it was fun to watch him do lots of things that he was too little/timid to do last summer. He's totally in a "following" phase... he spent a large part of the time, just chasing after big kids, and trying to get in on everything they were doing! =)

I love this

This is by far his most Favorite thing at the splash park!

One leg!

In deep thought

Climbing into the "water dome"

Just hangin' out, drooling on Mommy's leg!

Running through the spray from the big bird

Checking to see where I am

After the water part closed, we stayed and played at the park for a while longer...

"Okay, buddy, I know you're thousands of years old, but... could you pick up the pace a little?"

Cute dude in the tunnel

Running across the bridge

Yes, these next two pictures are of random kids at the park (which is a little weird, but the pictures don't give away their identity, so I figured it was okay...)

Within the 40 pound weight limit for this car? I don't think so....

Seriously?? A 2nd grader with his pants halfway down his butt??

(I know he's in second grade, because he and his friend were trying to hit on the "40 pound" girls in the car, and they informed the boys that they were "FOURTH graders, hello!") LOL!
Anyway... if you're young enough to be wearing "tighty whities" with cartoon characters on them, and you still play at the park... I think you oughtta yank your pants up (as should Everyone!)

Another random shot...

The Dodge Charger.... sooo much cooler than a Crown Victoria or Impala!

A couple Keenan funnies to end the day...

* When I was making dinner last night, I needed two of my smaller pots but couldn't find them anywhere. Then I looked in the family room where Keenan had taken a bunch of stuff out of the pots and pans cupboard... and my two pots were full of cars and trucks!

* Yesterday, as Philip was leaving for work, and we were headed to the park, he gave me a kiss before he got in the car. When I got in the van, Keenan said, "Mommy kiss!" and I said, "Did you see Daddy kiss Mommy?" he said, "Ha ha! Funny! I saw you... right there!" =) (Apparently at a Very young age... kids think it's funny/weird when their parents kiss!)

* As we were driving to the park, he was looking up in the sky and said, "What's that?" I said, "Those are clouds". A little while later, I heard him say that something was "broken". I turned the radio off and said, "What's broken?" He pointed at the sky in front of us (a big patch of blue sky between two banks of clouds) and said, "Clouds broken!"

* Before I put him to bed tonight, we were sitting in the rocking chair in his bedroom, and he asked me to sing "Rock a Bye Baby" (I sing a different version that I learned from Philip's mom). It goes something like this, "Rock a bye Keenan, in Jesus' arms, He will keep you safe from all harm, when you're afraid and tempted to fear, just call out to Jesus... He's always near"
Anyway... he was singing along with me and when we got to the part where it says "keep you safe from all harm", he said "farm"!


Rabens Family said...

I must admit I was VERY confused by the "give me an underdog" phrase. I have never heard it before. I am curious though. Can't wait to hear what an underdog is on a swing.

Dana said...

Don't worry Joia, I am VERY familiar with underdogs!! Classic swinging maneuver :)

Mandy O said...

I know exactly what they are too, and I know its not a Norwich thing, I learned it in Trenton!!

denise said...

Underdogs were the BEST! I know what you are talking about. Maybe it's a northern thing?!?!

The Woodford's said...

Hey Joia,
Underdoggie - Roger that one!
Also, the federal police here in Mexico drive Midnight Blue Chargers too. Have just about got Steph talked into trading in the van for one...

Anonymous said...

An underdog is when you push someone on the swing and then duck under them while you push so they go higher. I grew up in Michigan my whole life.

Rabens Family said...

Well I have definitley done underdogs before, but never knew the name of it. That is what I get for growing up in Florida I guess. People in the North have cool names for things. Thanks for teaching me something.

grriffins said...

Ditto with the underdoggie... that's what we called them!

auntmary said...

Grew up with underdogs (live in MI my whole life). denise's EDQ all love them too. They would squeal "more grammy"

Jessica said...

yes, we say undergog but Reagan calls it "Hunderdog!"

Mom W. said...

Well, Joia, I am your Momma and I never heard it called an underdog, what is up with that. I am safely home by the way. = )

Anonymous said...

I am from Louisiana and know what an underdog is! So not just a northern or Canadian thing.