Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning with Chloe/MOPS Picnic

Moriah had her first friend over to play this morning! We got to watch Chloe while Andrea, Erik and Jonathan went to a water park. =)

It was the perfect opportunity to take some fun pictures of the two baby girls together!

It was sooo cute to watch them together!

Chloe was very excited to see Moriah and wanted to touch her and "play" when I put them in this chair together, but Moriah was either cranky or she was feeling a little jealous because she wasn't all that excited about the idea! =)

How cute are they in their matching outfits??

I put Chloe's arm around Moriah and she pulled her over for a big smooch! =)

What a cutie

Four cute feet!

Sweet little fairy

"Hey... what do you think, should we be trying harder to grow hair?"

Girl fight! =0)

"Look Moriah, no hands!"


I caught them holding hands!

Love this one

Keenan was quite taken with Chloe and wanted his picture taken with her

"Hey Keenan, how did you grow these curls???"

After Andrea, Erik and Jonathan got back, we all headed over to Lincoln Park for the MOPS end of the year picnic! What a Gorgeous day to be outside with good food and good friends!

Some of the people at the picnic

Philip helping Keenan on the playground

Our two Amazing MOPS coordinators, Amanda and Vanessa!

The three of us relaxing on the beach while Keenan played in the water

Everybody had so much fun!

Wet boy on the run!

Keenan played soo long and so hard in the water that he was shivering, (and starting to get wrinkly), but he did NOT want to get out of the water! He is Fearless in the water and acts like he knows how to swim (I totally thought he was drowning a couple times, but he got back up and did it again!)

Air Force guys chattin' it up

After we Finally convinced him it was time to go home!

All bundled up into his car seat

Snuggled up, post bath, reading books with Daddy while he got warmed up!


Tara said...

Joia, your baby pictures are adorable!!

Mom W. said...

Very cute little girls!! I love how it looks like they are totally communicating their pleasure or displeasure in the different pictures.