Sunday, May 31, 2009

Makin' a Splash!!

We went to the Eglin Splash pad for the first time this evening and had a blast! It's our favorite of the splash parks in this area, so we're so excited that it's up and running again!


Moriah checking it all out

Running through the spraying rings

Pretzel break

Keenan couldn't drag his eyes away from all the action to look at the camera

I caught her sucking her thumb!

"Hey Mowiah!"

I brought our beach umbrella, which worked really well to shade our seats!

Much happier with no clothes on!

He was quite pleased with himself for "holding the spray down"

Oops! He let go!

Philip went in to work for a while, and met us at the park when he was done...

This picture courtesy of Keenan =)

... as well as this one, LOL!

Philip took Keenan over to the playground to play for a bit before we left... I didn't want to because there is NO shade, the playground is all wooden, and it's always so Hot it makes me cranky! =)

Practicing his balance

Okay folks, let's wrap it up, anybody else ready for a nap?

Ready to go

The kids and I got some super great naps when we got home... which was desperately needed (on my part), since they have both been waking up at 6 or before lately. Any tips on how to get toddlers to sleep longer in the morning, or should I just have him play quietly in his room for a while?


Jessica said...

does he know any numbers yet? if not, all he needs to know is whatever number you want it to be on the clock when you want him to wake up. I put a clock in Reagan's room and I say do not get make noise and/or come out of your room until eight zero zero. Although, keep this between us and blog world, but his clock is 30 minutes behind all the other clocks in the house so when it is eight zero zero on his clock, it is 8:30 in the real world! So far, it has worked great! :)

Anonymous said...

Blackout shades!

Mom W. said...

Black out shades work well for Tim and Steph, that is what they do in their kids rooms, helped me to sleep later too... = )

Joia said...

I tried putting dark blankets over Keenan's windows, but not only did it not help him sleep later, he found it scary that the room was So dark... =0/

Mom W. said...

Maybe you'd have to work up to it, T and S have black plastic over the windows with vertical blinds in front of them so it doesn't show up very much unless you try to open the blinds. I don't know what else Joia.