Friday, May 29, 2009

Horses, Hydrangeas and Hydration

I've driven past the stables on base countless times, and the other day thought, It would be really cool to take the kids there and let Keenan look at all the horses, I wonder if we're allowed to do that?

Well, today, I called to find out. Technically, you're not really supposed to be there if you're not a member, but the woman I talked to in the membership department said that it was okay as long as we didn't touch any of the horses or try to feed them (I had no plans to do this anyway).

There are a Lot more horses there than I would have thought! It's a really pretty area, with lots of big, shady trees, and a river runs along the back of the property! The stables are not like others I've seen, but are more like separate little "houses" for the horses. Each owner sort of decorates their space as they like.

Aren't they cute?

Believe me, I took a LOT more pictures of horses than I posted here, these are just my favorites...

This one's name is Major, isn't he gorgeous???

Keenan and Mickey
(He wasn't too sure about turning his back on the horse for a picture) =)

Some cute dogs we met (some type of miniature Greyhound?)

Keeping a close eye on us

This one was Huge!

I like the unique coloring of this one (the sun on it's mane makes it look like it dyes it's hair!) =)

Isn't this one pretty?

Another horse and boy picture

Pretty whispy, fuzzy flowers

This one looks a little weirded out by us!

Major again


While we were there, we had a couple people approach us and politely ask what we were up to (I realized when we arrived that, despite what the woman on the phone said, the signs specifically said "Members Only"). When I told them that we had called and talked to the woman, and that, like she said, we weren't touching Anyone or anything, they seemed fine with us being there. *For the record though, I don't think we'll go back, and to anyone reading this who thinks this was a good idea - Please call for yourself, I don't want to give the impression that they allow open to the public touring for everyone*

After about 45 minutes, we still hadn't seen them all, but we were hot, tired and sandy, so we decided to head for home...

Right up there with the garbage truck... Keenan Loves this truck that picks up lawn debris, and was thrilled that they were on our street when we got home!

The heat and walking at the horse stables tired Keenan out, so we all took an hour and a half nap this morning before lunch. Woohoo!

After lunch, (since I had noticed that Myrtles hydrangeas were in beautiful bloom when I stopped by last night), we headed over this afternoon to take some pictures.

Keenan was Thrilled that I let him push the little stroller over there with Moriah in it!

So proud of himself... =)

Cute couple

Moriah paying attention...

...and then Keenan (not both at once) =)

Pretty girl lounging on the grass

Sweet grin

Love that drool!

I was amazed at the variety of colors that Myrtle has - what a gorgeous sight in her back yard!!

Pretty two tone pink and yellow





Giving it a sniff

I LOVE this picture!

Moriah fills up Myrtle's lap more every time we visit! =)

So sweet...

Moriah was getting hot and sleepy, so I took off her dress and adjusted the stroller so she could lie down

I love how the car in motion makes everything in the background a blur


Me 'n' the cute boy =)

"I'm man enough to pose with flowers"

Taking a nap in the wee stroller

She stayed asleep on the way home, too!

We were all quite hot from our time outside at Myrtle's, so I decided it was a prime opportunity to get out the pool again!

Swimming pals

Her first time spending more than a few seconds in the pool!

Chillin' with the kids


This is fun! (When Keenan doesn't splash me in the face)

Our feet underwater

Floaty boy

Peeking out from behind the bush on the deck

All dried off and content to watch Keenan make big splashes


Mom W. said...

Ohhhh, I need some prints here, my triple frame needs updated pics. and some of these are great. The first one of the two of them sitting in the grass and then one each of them alone... Please could you order me up some prints?? Moriah is so cute in the stroller, good thing it is pretty sturdy... Love it...

Anonymous said...

Who do the horses belong to??? I didn't realize there would be horses on base.
Gorgeous pics!! Moriah is almost too big for that stroller! She's growing fast!

Joia said...

Cheryl, the horses are independently owned by various active duty members and their families

grriffins said...

I love the picture of the underwater feet!

Trevor says the dogs are likely whippit's...just so you know. :)


Joia said...

Yes! Thank you Liz, that's what the woman said, and I couldn't remember the name! =)