Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun in the Sun while Daddy sleeps...

While Philip slept for a few hours this morning, Keenan and Moriah and I went to the post office, and then to the park, and then to Dollar tree, Sonic and back home... By this time, he was awake! Yay!

Keenan and bunny on the way to childcare at the church last night during my MOPS Steering meeting

Keenan was more interested in these guys using a concrete saw than he was in the playground!

Quiet moment

Okay, I'm coming down, help me!

Climbing machine!

I love how his shirt matches the playground perfectly! =)

Chatting about curly hair, I think (she was Adorable!!)

Very intent, once again, on the construction

"Hmmm.... I wonder if I stand here and look bored, if she'll offer me a turn..."

"Hey Gorgeous... has anyone ever told you you have beautiful eyes? Oh, by the way.... can I have a turn now?"

"Yes! My charm works every time!"

Chillin' in the nice grass (Moriah first time ever in grass!)

I think she likes it!

Keenan LOVED running around in the soft grass in his bare feet - what a treat!

(These next ones are larger because I accidentally had the settings wrong...)

He thought it was great fun to throw his hat up in the air and let it blow...

My most favorite find at Dollar Tree (perhaps in my whole life???) This little pair of fairy wings and the skirt!

How cute are they???

I'm not sure she's ever been cuter...

Hey Mama!

No mistaking her for a boy here! =0)


denise said...

So CUTE! Love the dollar tree find, she is adorable as always. My boys could watch "the man" for hours. "The man" is always on a garbage truck, construction crew, dump truck - you name it! (and for some reason when they are pretending they are "the man" they put their ball caps on backwards)
BTW, you are WAY nicer than I am allowing him to take Bunny everywhere. I am so scared of losing our fave stuff animals, that it is not allowed out of the house UNLESS we are traveling or someone is sick.

Anonymous said...

The fairy outfit is unbelievable! I'm going to hit the stores down here and try and find one -sooner or later we'll have a girl grandchild from somebody!!:)

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was from grandma k

Flakymn said...

Is this the playground at uptown station?

Anonymous said...

awww she is too cute! I love the pictures!

Joia said...

Wendi, yes, the park was at Uptown Station

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot even stand how adorable she is in those wings!! She is growing so fast.

Blackman Blog said...

Awh...great pics.
Our daughter had some of her 1 year pics taken in wings. Love these...only $1 and you get to keep them! :)

grriffins said...

LOVE the last picture of Moriah in the wings! So cute!

Vanessa S said...

Oh my word...cutest fairy princess ever!!!