Friday, May 22, 2009


Today was a good day. Philip watched Keenan this afternoon while Moriah and I went shopping (for clothes, even, not groceries!) I've decided that Kohls is my new favorite store!

On the way home, I stopped at Sonic... where I decided my new favorite drink is Mango Limeade! Yum!

I didn't take any pictures today, sorry folks.

This evening, Philip went back in to work for a while, so Keenan and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen together. He watched the whole thing! I just now (at 9:30) put him to bed, in hopes that he will sleep in a little later tomorrow morning, instead of his usual 6:15-6:30.

Not much else to report... I hear Moriah. Goodnight.


Mom W. said...

So how did Keenan sleep last night or this morning?? Nice sunny warm weather here, got some of my flower beds done (the ones around the back porch... Love you...

Joia said...

He slept fine last night, but still woke at his usual time this morning! Aaahh! Fortunately though, he took an early nap (at nine) and slept for an hour and a half before we went to a birthday party, and is now on hour three of a "post party" nap! I do love that..