Friday, May 1, 2009

Catching up...

Yesterday morning/afternoon, Wendi and her two boys came over for lunch and some playtime. It was the first time the two of us had managed to get together outside of Wifia since we both had babies. Let's just say, it was a Little different than our "pre baby" lunches when we just had baby Isaac and Keenan! Now we have a toddler, a toddlet, a mini, and a wee one. =)

Even though there were two cameras present, we didn't get a single picture taken, between Wendi giving bottles to both boys, me refereeing Keenan, "Be gentle with Isaac, he's still little", Moriah fussing, going to sleep, waking back up, fussing some more... trying to eat lunch (which we did in shifts).

We eventually got everyone fed, Moriah down for a nap, and the rest of us outside so Isaac and Keenan could play in the pool, when Isaac decided he was ready to go home. (Poor little guy wasn't feeling well at all).

After they left, the three of us went straight down for some two hour naps!

I had been feeling a little bit "funky" in the morning, and by the time afternoon rolled around I was pretty uncomfortable - sore throat, body aches, head ache, and a weird, heartburn/chest pain that often took my breath away.

After that, my parenting was a little less than stellar =) Keenan had jelly bean stains on his shirt and he was wandering around the house, eating Cap'N Crunch... out of the box!

Speakig of Cap'n Crunch, I have a bone to pick with the ole' dude... Keenan and I were looking at the fun pictures on the back of the box and they had a couple "word puzzles" for some different countries...

Okay, so those were easy and cute... I was thrilled to see that they also had My homeland on the box! However... while the little French guy and the Japanese girl look relatively normal, the Canadian...

... Is a toothless redneck, wearing a fur cap! WHY?!? I don't think I know a Single toothless, redneck, fur cap wearing Canadian! (I'm surprised they didn't just go ahead and make the can on the sign a beer can!) Not cool, Cap'n, not cool at all...

I think they should have put This Canadian's picture on the box instead... =)

"Ya, Eh?"

After Keenan watched Cars for a while, so I could lay on the couch, we decided to color some pictures for Daddy!

"Hello! I'm trying to Create here!"

Yay for washable markers!

Our finished artwork

Philip wasn't able to just pack up and come home as soon as he would have liked, but when I asked him to pick up some Sprite on his way home... he also put together this "Get Well/Thank you for doing such a great job with the kids while I've been working long days" kit! How sweet! (Oh yes, and he even tidied up the bedroom to display it better!)

So, other than the pretty flowers, the rest of these items might not seem like they go together, right? But they do...

Chilled Cream Soda (because I love it, and carbonated beverages make me feel better, remember?)

Tomatoes (because I also Love them and as Philip pointed out, they are high in vitamin C!)
Lindor chocolates (Dark, because it has antioxidants!)

And the poetry book (that he gave me at Valentine's was opened to a really sweet poem about how thankful he is...) Isn't he swell? =)

After some Tylenol, and Philip's return to help with Keenan, I was feeling Much better last night!

Keenan ended up throwing up at midnight, so Philip and I teamed up and got him cleaned up, sheets changed and into the laundry, and him settled back down. A few hours later, while I was feeding Moriah, Keenan was crying again and when Philip went in, he said, "More yuckies... right here". =) So, off we went again, clean up, strip bed, laundry! It was a pretty long night... However, the good thing was, with Moriah getting up a couple times, I was able to switch the loads of laundry from the washer to the dryer, so everything was fresh and clean and dry by morning!

Keenan seems to feel good this morning, and was thrilled to get to go Straight to the bathtub! (While Bunny got a MUCH deserved trip to the washing machine...)

Juice is still a novelty, so he was pretty stoked to get some Capri Sun in the tub!

Aside from the heartburn/chestpain, I feel pretty yucky again this morning, with an added slight fever and chills... We're coping well though, the house just might not (LOL! "Might" not) look like Martha Stewart's when Philip comes home this evening... =)


The Mac's House said...

First of all I hope that you all feel better soon.

Keenan you're way too cute to be sick Big Guy!

Ok only one question for Joia: Can you clone that guy of yours????? How incredibly sweet that he put together that "odd" combination yet so adorable that you just go awwwwe! :)

Seriously, hope you all are back to your normal perky selves soon.

Rabens Family said...

We will be praying for a speedy recovery for everyone. Clay hasn't been feeling well the last few days either. Maybe we should all wear masks to Isaac's birthday party tomorrow so we don't spread the germs. :)

rachel said...

So random question...are both your kids dual citizens? I don't really know how that works and I was curious! :-)

Joia said...

Rachel, yes both our kids are dual citizens (this happened automatically at birth, being born to a Canadian and an American), however, it's not "usable" legally until we do paperwork to finalize it. Here's a link to the post about Keenan getting Canadian citizenship:

Mom W. said...

Maybe just a mild case of "Cap'n Crunch and jelly beans" ? I think you should write them a letter and complain about the red neck, he should at least have a hockey cap on and a Tim Horton's cup in his hand...LOL. Oh well.

Mom E said...

did you know that Jeff & Isaac were both sick? I got to bed at 1:30am on Mon.(Tues) and Isaac woke up with horrific stomach cramps and finally threw up at around 3am. Jeff had the same horrific cramps but had diarrhea, *then* vomiting. Both had low grade fevers. I am sorry I haven't been able to read the blog and didn't know you were sick too!