Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Day

As I'm starting this post, it's 8:58 PM, and I just recently got the kids to bed (after visiting Philip at the hospital with his dinner and getting them to bed later than usual), and am eating my dinner!

Okay... first off, Moriah decided my day was starting at 6 am. =) By the time she was ready to go back down for a nap, Keenan was up and at 'em. You would think that with all that time, getting out the door shortly after 9 would have been a breeze... I still don't know where all the time goes. I think it's a Miracle my mom ever got five kids Anywhere on time! You go, Mom! =)

Keenan started a new play group this morning. It's called Little Seedlings and my friend, Sarah, is leading it. It's a structured, hour long session with a small group of kids, all within a 6 month age range. We're renting space at a local yoga studio, and the room is beautiful and is the perfect space for a bunch of little kids to play! Each week will have a different theme, and the kids will have some structured play time with different toys each week, free play time, songs, stories, exercises, snack and crafts. The moms have the option to stay for the whole time, or drop their child off and run errands. Cool!

Moriah watching the big kids while keeping Mommy's purse safe! =)
(She grabbed the strap by herself!)

Keenan and Allison playing with the puzzles

Craft time (making foam mats for the kids to sit on)

Keenan and Della playing with the cool chairs

Moriah and I with Keenan's mat

Jamie (baby girl in utero) and Donovan

Isn't she a doll??

Allison and Lupe

Keenan with his cool snack bag!

Chowing down

Doing some "copycat" exercises

Touch your toes!

After the class, we came home, spent some time with Philip before he went in to work, and then we all took naps!

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Lincoln Park, where they have a small beach for swimming. It worked really well, since I could park close, and I could put Moriah's stroller and my chair on the dock and watch Keenan play right beside it in the shallow water. Fun times!

Running down the dock

Fun shot under the dock

I love this expression!

Jumping off!

Keenan walking Under the dock (he thought this was Really cool!)

I just think he's cute

Smiley on the dock

Splashing in

Digging in the sand with a new friend

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