Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yay for sunny weather again! =)

The kids are still a little pretty congested so we didn't go to the Wifia lunch today... We really miss our friends! =0/

I was able to get some organizing done today, mostly with Moriah's clothes. We have been So blessed with clothes from several people, I think she's set for the whole summer! =)

Here's a video of her from our trip of her dancing with Uncle Matt. He did this with their boys when they were babies and I have video of him doing it with Keenan, so I begged him to do it with Riah too! So funny! =)

Philip has been working pretty long days this week. He is doing a rotation at the hospital in Fort Walton Beach right now. When his day there ends, he comes home to see the kids for a while and eat dinner, and then he's been heading in to work at Eglin, to work on the schedule for next year. One of his responsibilities as chief is making up the schedule for everyone in the residency (30+ people I think). This is obviously a huge job, and is taking a lot of his time right now, so we really miss him!

While he was home this evening, I left the kids with him for a few minutes so I could go down the street and meet our friend's new baby. Adam and Laura just welcomed their fifth child into the world Monday morning, and I wanted to see him while he was still "fresh". =)

Andrew Joshua

With big sister, Anna =)

Very proud Mom

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Mom E said...

I can't believe no one commented on the Uncle Matt video. It was hysterical. Isaac home sick today, so he had me play the video at least 4 times over! I don't know what was more funny....Matt or you laughing. I especially loved the end where he had Moriah do 3 little 'tush' moves! TOO FUNNY! Much needed today.
Love, Mom