Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wifia at Lincoln Park

Today we had the wifia lunch at Lincoln Park for the first time, and it was a big hit! It's the perfect combination of a great playground, lots of shade, a pavilion to eat in, and a shallow bayou where the kids can play in the water safely!

It was especially fun, since all of us haven't been at the lunch all together in ages, so it was good to see everyone again!

Keenan especially liked getting back together with Della, who he hadn't seen in over a month!

Keenan holding Sophie's hand (not sure she really liked this)
Isn't she a doll?

Isaac is such a grown up, handsome, walkin' dude!

A cute picture of Brittny with her kids
(Her husband is in one of the interns, and she lives in the same neighborhood as most of the wifia on base, so she and her kids fit right in!)

Keenan swinging



I just thought this was cute

Keenan climbed up here all by himself!
(Here he is with Jonathan, who's a pro)

Wendi loving on Moriah, since Elijah was at home with Daddy today

Chloe and Moriah smiling at each other

Me and Cutie Pie

Me and the Big Cheese

Me, Andrea, Jodi, and Sarah

I love this picture of Keenan and Della
(I was helping her climb up, and Keenan was cheering her on from the top!)

Going down the slide together

The kids had a Great time in the beautiful water!

"Here Mommy, a stick!"

Keenan hugging Jodi goodbye out the window of the van

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Mom E said...

I think I loved the hug out the window the best! LOL. That cracked me up, not only that he'd do that, but that you'd take a photo of it!