Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday at Tuscana

Here's a couple pictures from last night at the Rosen Center (where Philip's conference is and where we met up with all the Eglin people for dinner)...

Family picture outside the restaurant

Keenan's firs time riding an escalator on foot

...and back down

Yes, I think I'm funny =)

The ballroom where Philip gave his lecture on Tuesday
(Looking out from this podium makes me sick to my stomach!)

View from the back

Today has been very Cold! The high was 68... so no trips to the pool for us today. =0/ The morning was spent here, just hanging out with the kids (Keenan actually played on the patio for quite a while and came in with Very rosy cheeks!)

I got in a nap, did some laundry and straightened up, and then this afternoon, Matt, Jessica and the boys came back to visit.

We watched a movie while the boys played and we waited for Philip to get home. For dinner, we all headed to Pointe Orlando, a nice area with cool restaurants, stores, etc..
We chose a Greek place. It was Super loud and there ended up being a belly dancer (not so cool), but other than that, we had a great time and the food was delicious!

The only long sleeved shirts we have are our Air Force ones!

Riah and Uncle Matt


Look closely at this building..

Matt mixing up our hummus

Jessica and Matt

Moriah was a little overwhelmed by all the noise and action, so I had to hold her hand for a while

All of us

These paper napkins covered the floor of the restaurant, and every now and then someone would come out with a bunch more and throw them up in the air (not sure why) ... so Moriah got covered a couple times

On the way back to the car

Hudson being very sweet and cuddly on Uncle Philip's shoulder

Trying to keep Moriah warm


Mandy O said...

Thats the Wonderworks building right? I went there on a family vacay when I was little, It was AWESOME!!!

Joia said...

You called it, Mandy!

Jessica said...

That picture of Moriah covered with napkins is hilarious having been there in the midst of the madness. Again, belly dancer so unexpected and I am so sorry for picking that insane restaurant! Thank God she didn't pick Philip or Matt to dance with!!!!!! I love Matt's cheese Keenan face with the hummus. :)

Mom W. said...

Ahhhh escalators, free entertainment! The napkin thing seems pretty strange... cute kids though, very cute, all of them.

denise said...

how fun! too bad it was so loud. I LOVE greek food, we don't have any here! I think Matt looks like Reagan when he does his silly face, too cute! I bet it's just fun to hang out with all the kiddos :) Have a fun rest of your trip!