Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A trip to the "Doctor"...


Dr. Keenan!

See? It's official!

"Hello, Miss Moriah, I'm Dr. Keenan, I'll be taking care of you today."

"First, let me listen to your heart"
(This is apparently ticklish for the patient)

"Your blood pressure is a little elevated"
(Possibly a case of "white coat hypertension", induced by the fact that her doctor is Two years old, maybe???)

"Let's check your reflexes"

"And here's your four month shot.."

"We got some tests back and I think you're going to need surgery.. don't worry though, I've had lots of experience" (aka - I own the game "Operation", and I've recently started cutting up my own food with a plastic fork!)

The patient is ready for the OR!

Post surgery - the patient is recovering well!

"I'm very pleased with how the surgery went and am just filling out her discharge paperwork now"

Relaxing in the doctor's lounge after a long day

Love that Java!

This outfit (and accessories) was a gift from Mom and Jeff when Philip graduated from medical school (when Keenan was only a couple months old)! It was too big for the longest time, and I just opened it up for the first time yesterday!


The Mac's House said...

Oh this one had me cracking up so badly. Too cute! The kids are adorable and the captions are so funny to go with the pics. I love the last two, kicking back after a hard day -- too funny!!!

denise said...

that is the CUTEST!!!

Mom W. said...

Oh Joia, those are hilarious, and to think that you even had a small bed for the small patient, (and Moriah was pretty patient with Keenan) I laughed and laughed. Thanks.

Heather said...

These were SO cute! :)

rachel said...

hilarious! especially the one of him lounging in the chair, reading the newspaper!

Jodi said...

LOVED all the pics and captions!

Flakymn said...

Okay, this wins like post of the month or the year or something. This is AWESOME!

Question: did Philip help with this. Some of the humor sounds like him.

Joia said...

Thanks, everyone! =)

Wendi, Philip actually didn't have a hand in this... maybe he's just rubbing off on me. =)

(He did get a good laugh out of it while he was home though, so that was fun)

Jessica said...

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Moriah's faces were priceless...especially when he told her she was going to have surgery. Her jaw dropped! :)
You're hilarious Joia.

Mom E said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type!! Your comments combined with the photos are SO hysterical! I agree with Jessica. You are hilarious! What's most amazing to me is how you get the kids to cooperate for the photos. I did especially love the "dr.'s lounge photos too.
I can' wait to show Isaac these too tomorrow.

Mom E said...

p.s. is that the dr's outfit we got him a long time ago, and he's just fitting into it, or is that a new one?
Also, I just noticed the Michigan Alumni coffee cup too. Sooo cute.

Mark said...

I do believe that's one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

So funny!! I can't believe you can get the kids to pose for these pictures!

Brittny said...


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how cute. He is walking in his daddy's foot steps. Is he drinking out of his daddy's mug too? You take great pictures and add great captions. Thanks for sharing. Gretta Todd

Hannah said...

This blog is awesome Joia!!!!
Just to funny!

Isaac said...

This was so funny, I almost laughed myself off the couch and did a backflip. How did you get the kids to pose that well?

Andrew said...

I guess I missed this post while I was in Mozambique last time. Your 2009 review made me have to come check it out. Very cute. Thanks