Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Moriah

Yesterday afternoon, during Keenan's nap, Moriah and I were just hanging out, playing on the floor, and then I decided to take some picture... and sort of got carried away:

A picture from earlier in the day
(wearing a super cute dress from Jodi)

Happy girl
(She rolled over twice today, but when I got the camera, to try get video of her doing it again, she didn't...) =)

Tiny tootsies

I thought this angle was cute

Deep in thought


Too cute

After a while she started to get a little cranky, so I gave her a paci, and put her on her tummy...

She was a big fan of this

Sleepy girl

I love this foot shot

...and then she fell asleep! I couldn't have planned it more perfectly if I'd tried...

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...

Totally relaxed

When Keenan woke up from his nap, he was super good and quiet, and let me get some cute shots of his hands on Moriah while she slept...

This one was all his idea!


Jen said...

Oh Joia! How fun it is to see Moriah wearing some of Gabby's clothes. Makes me smile :)

Joia said...

Jen, we sure are enjoying all the sweet things that get passed our way - Thank You! =0)

Mom E said...

oh, that last one was so adorable, and even more so since it was his idea! I can't believe she stayed asleep through all the touching. They are going to be great buds, for sure. Pls. give them both hugs and lots of kissed in my behalf. :-)

mamunaco said...

Oh Joia, she is so beautiful! I know just how you feel - I can spend FOREVER just taking Maddy's picture! I LOVE the pictures of her with Keenan's hand and I LOVE picturing the two of them interacting!