Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Inspired by Brittney's post yesterday about strawberry picking, we decided to take some family time today and headed to Baker to get some of our own. Last year, Philip wasn't able to go, so I picked by myself, and got about 18 lbs. This time we got 23 lbs!

Keenan had a pretty good time. For the first while, he helped Philip pick, then we kept him busy by sending him back and forth between us, a distance of about 100 ft. "Here, can you take this berry and put it in Daddy's basket?" "Good job, Keenan! Can you take this berry and put it in Mommy's basket?" =)

On one of these trips, he decided to "sample the delivery", and then it was hard to get him to stop eating for the rest of the time!

Red boys in a sea of green

Keenan very intent on finding the perfect berry

That berry didn't stand a chance...

Worth the trip

Keenan and I
"Carry me, Daddy!"

Moriah was quite good and ended up taking a nap while we picked


Philip with the fruit of our labor =)

A tired, hot, Keenan, waiting in line with Daddy to weigh and pay for our berries

Awake again and happy!

What makes it all worth it - their homemade strawberry frozen yogurt!

SOOO good!

Now I guess I need to do something with all these berries...


Flakymn said...

We have been wanting to do this. Looks like tons of fun.

I also love you having him go back and forth ... look at those red cheeks. Poor kid. I could see us doing the same thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the recipe; I needed something quick and easy that tastes yummy! It's in the oven now and smells pretty good.
As always, I love looking at your pictures. Have a good end to your weekend.
Love you lots,

Rabens Family said...

I can't wait to see what you do with your strawberries. I will have to borrow your ideas. I gave away all of the strawberries that I picked on Friday. I split them between the bus driver, bus aide, and the babysitter that watched Jocelyn for me.

We are having another "Open House" today, so that is why I thought we would head back out there today with Clay and Jocelyn. This time we will keep our strawberries. Madison is looking forward to melting chocolate and dipping them. Sounds good to me!

Mom W. said...

With the 'fruit' of your labor, no pun intended... Wow, strawberries already, we still have a couple of months to wait for ours. Yum, makes my mouth water...

Mom E said...

make sure you freeze some to have when they are out of season again. They all looked so yummy and the 2 of them in red shirts in the middle of the patch was a great shot.

auntmary said...

Wow! sure brings back many memories of my strawberry pickn' days. I always made freezer jam, pies, toppings, and just ate them right off the stem! mm mm good! We have a ways to go weather-wise here in MI before it's pickn' time.