Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poor beginning, great end...

That's how today was... Moriah was awake about five times last night, and then Keenan decided to get up at 6:40 this morning! I was soooo tired, and not ready to start the day at all. I tried to get Keenan to take a nap midmorning before the wifia lunch (so I could rest as well), but to no avail... so I took the kids and my sleepy self over to the park to meet our friends (no sense staying home and being tired, may as well let Keenan burn off some energy to ensure a good afternoon nap!) =)

Another reason I made sure we got to the lunch was because I had made this to take:

This is similar to a dessert I made a couple weeks ago, but this time I used my own pound cake and made up the filling

Top view

Moriah being cute (again)

April H (in the center) happened to be at the park with her kids too, so she joined us for dessert!

Keenan enjoying his dessert

Showing me his dirty face (after I told him that we weren't playing in the water today, he went and got all dirty and said, "Wash, water!" Smart little stinker, but it didn't work...)

Keenan was such a big help carrying things in from the van when we got home!

Two and a half hour naps for all.... oh, sweet, sweet sleep.... zzzzzzzz

This evening, William came over to play for a little while (while Tiff went to a meeting, until Matt could pick him up)...

Cute picture of the buddies
(William's not too sure about all the love)

After William left, we drove and met Philip and then went to...

Baskin Robbins (a joint we Never frequent because of their prices) was having a special "31 cent scoop" event this evening (to support Fire Fighters, I think), so we decided to go. There was a huge line up outside as well as a pretty lengthy line of cars for the drive through, so I dropped Philip and Keenan at the Uptown Station park and went and got in line (since Moriah was asleep in her car seat).

It took a while, but was Definitely worth the wait!

I got Caramel Turtle, Philip had Cookies and Cream and Keenan got Chocolate (I think they gave him the most!)

Check this out! Look at how much we saved on nine scoops of ice cream!
(THIS is why we never go there!)

Enjoying our ice cream at the park

Where's Mine??

Oh, ya...

Determined he's going to eat it ALL!

In the words of Luigi, from Cars... "This is the most glorious day of my life!"

I gave Moriah one of the spoons to play with...

"I know what this is - hey, look, I can do my own eye test!"

Just kidding... I know what it's for!

He Loves to climb!


Mom W. said...

Wow, I knew Baskin Robbins was expensive but that is insane, do people really pay that???

Anonymous said...

you need to join our food blog too! we love reading your blog