Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures of Vivian Estelle!

I present... for the first time on this blog.... Vivian!! So excited to welcome my sweet new niece to the world of blogging... =)

That is some CUTE newborn!!

Tim and Steph and their whole darling bunch!
I can't believe my brother has Four kids! =)

Biggest big sister, Mika

Middle big sister, Shaelyn

Littlest big sister, Kyla

All bundled up

Snoozin' in the carseat

Congratulations, Tim and Steph, she is Gorgeous!!


Mom W. said...

Is she ever gorgeous!!! Wow, Steph looks great!!!

Flakymn said...

CONGRATS GUYS! I'll be looking for updates on their blog too.

I miss you Joia ...!!

denise said...

awe, so CUTE! What a happy family picture :)

Mom W. said...

Oh Joia, you should steal the one with her eyes open off Steph's blog... Can't wait to see them all...