Friday, April 24, 2009

Opinions on...

how we should celebrate the 50,000 hit on this blog (coming up in the next few days) Any ideas? I don't think I'm going to reward any specific person for being "person number 50,000" since last time there was some confusion about who Really got the hit, remember?

Not that this has anything to do with hits on the blog, but I wanted to share something funny that Keenan said today.

He saw a fly on the inside of the patio doors, so he came to get me and show me. I went to get the fly swatter and told him to keep an eye on the fly so I would know where it was when I got back. When he saw me coming with the fly swatter, he pointed at the fly and said, "Spanking!" I said, "Yup, Mommy's gonna spank that fly!"

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Mom E said...

lol. that is funny.