Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My "Outdoorsy" Boy

Keenan spent quite a bit of time in the backyard yesterday. We don't usually go back there much since it's quite "wild" and unruly. Jodi brought her dog, Jackson over to run around back there, since it's fenced in and would give him some new scenery to play fetch in. Keenan (of course), wanted to get in on the fun...

Jackson - Isn't he beautiful?

Jodi helping Keenan throw the ball with her cool "ball picker upper thingy"
(See the ball in the air?)

Keenan's not so sure he wants to give it back

LOL - I Love this shot of Jackson in motion - his mouth is soo funny!

Keenan polished off Most of the Cherry Limeade Jodi brought us from Sonic!

Cute kid

Looking down from the deck

After Jodi and Jackson left, Keenan slept for two and a half hours (thanks, Jodi!) and then, while Moriah was sleeping, he and I went out to pick some blackberries in the backyard that I had noticed while we were out with Jackson...


Helping me pick

Such a good little helper!

Showing off our berries

...and sampling them

A mischievous look

Keenan LOVES it when Daddy comes home! Unfortunately, Philip was only home long enough to eat dinner, kiss Moriah before she went down for a nap, and play with Keenan for a few minutes before heading back to work for a few more hours...

Yay, Daddy!

I thought it was adorable that they were (unintentionally) dressed the same!

Keenan wanted Philip to dance with him like this

Here's a video of Keenan "showing Daddy how to dance to the music"...


Yes, this post has been exclusively about Keenan, but there will be an "all Moriah" one to follow...


Flakymn said...

I think Philip will not be okay with this and that's what makes it great.

Joia said...

I actually asked him about it last night (after he watched it) and he said it was fine! =)

Mom & Isaac said...

Thanks Jodi for being such a great friend. Can you clone yourself and come live here? lol
I think it's great that Philip is okay with the video. He's so humble that way, eh?
Isaac was viewing at the same time I was, and he said (about Keenan's shirt), "hey, that was my shirt!" How many nephews do you know that wear their uncle's clothes? LOL! It's so fun.

Mom E said...

p.s. don't know why when I use the ampersand symbol that it shows up with the "amp" after the symbol. Must be a coding thing. It doesn't always do it either.weird.

Jessica said...

I love my brother! He is so funny. :) I too am surprised that he let you post it!

mamunaco said...

That is SO COOL that you have blackberries in your backyard!!! I am trying - unsuccessfully! - not to be jealous! :)