Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning at the Park

This morning the kids and I took a walk (our first in a very looong time!) We went to a small park about ten minutes away, where they have lots of white sand. I took some sand pails and a shovel along and Keenan had a blast in the oversized sandbox! =)

I decided to take the regular stroller, and this is how I got them both to fit =)

All the sand a boy could want!

Watching from the shade

Trying out the big swings

Keenan's "sand writing" is coming along well, although we'd like him to be able to do it in cursive as well....

I put Moriah in the stroller basket to see how she'd fit - she liked it!


Taking a fresh air snooze in the stroller

Keenan attempting to climb the "rock wall"

Up, with some help from Mommy

He spent a good part of the time, walking back and forth on these railway ties that border the parking lot!

Stopping to watch a dog walk by

I like this one the best

Sweet sleeping girl with her little hands together

Trekking through the sand

On the spinning seat thingy

On the bench swing together

Since Moriah was taking up all the space in the stroller for her nap, Keenan had to walk, and walked almost the whole way home himself!

Posing with a big truck that was parked on our way home

My big helper

When we got home, I took Keenan's shoes off outside, "in case there was sand inside of them"...

Was there ever!!

Riah napping in a sweet dress from Andrea
(The poor thing is teething I think and is pretty miserable this afternoon)


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Mom E said...

I'm glad you explained why the big truck was behind Keenan, bcuz it scared me at first! lol. You do so well at capturing all the really great moments in both kids' lives. Moriah looked so sweet and Keenan looks bigger every day.

denise said...

Great pictures! I love the photo perspective that was close to the sand, then on the railway ties, and the one of him helping push the stroller. Very creative!
Yes, the truck one scared me a second too because all I could see in my screen was the words that he had to walk home, then I could see him standing in front of the truck. I was thinking you were one crazy picture taking Mommy if you stopped him in the middle of crossing the street to get that picture! :) lol.