Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moriah's first trip to the beach!

This is probably one of our favorite pictures of her so far!
(This is her Easter outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Eberts)

After the resident retreat ended today, quite a few of the doctors and their families gathered at the military beach. The kids and I got there a little late, since Keenan was napping, so some of our friends had already left. =0/ Despite it being SUPER windy, we still had a good time! None of us swam, but Moriah got spoiled, Keenan had a blast playing with some huge Tonka trucks and splashing in the waves, Philip got to play some volleyball, and I got to take pictures of it all! =)

The dudes and the trucks

Riah trying not to blow away!

I love this one... with the big wave rolling in

Different angle... so sweet

Barbara and Moriah

Some of the guys (soon joined by Jodi) playing volleyball

Philip in action (I had more shots of him, but he put a limit on me...)

Feet in the sand

Incoming wave

I wanna go in there with the "big kids"...

Heavy equipment

Me and my boy

"Woah, that one's coming fast!"

I thought this angle was cute

The four of us right before we left

Wow, he's aleady strong enough to
I'd forgotten to bring extra clothes for Keenan, so Philip bundled him up in a nice warm towel in his car seat

Riah having some tummy time while she watches the boys play

Riah getting the hang of her teething ring
(The flash didn't go for some reason, that's why this is a funny color)

It also makes a nice crown!

Keenan and Daddy saying goodnight to Riah after Keenan's bath


Mom W. said...

oooooooh, oooooooh, so cute, I can't say more...

Mom W. again said...

I see the red dress won out...

rachel said...

So that picture of Keenan pulling the wagon just totally cracks me up!! Your pictures are great...they show off all the little personalities!

p.s. Have you seen those companies that will turn your blog into a printed book for you? They look really neat and yours would be awesome, since you do a lot of posts with some great pics!

Mom E said...

I agree with your mom...too cute!