Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Pool Time

It's been a great day with Mom, Jeff and Isaac! They arrived around 1, we had lunch, and then headed down to the pool. Nobody got sunburned this time, and we all had a lot of fun! Keenan loves having his Uncle Isaac to drag around and play with!

Philip got done a little earlier today, so was able to come home and have dinner with us, and then we hammered out some Disney details before they headed home.

A sweet picture of Moriah during her morning nap

Keenan intently watching bowling with Uncle Isaac and Grandpa Jeff

Sweet picture of Grandma and Riah

Keenan Loved the inner tubes!

Cool dudes in the sun

So much fun!!

Moriah trying out her Turtle floaty for the first time
(She got this for Christmas from Uncle Isaac)

So cute

Happy Feet in the sun!

I thought this was a funny angle =)

Us girls having fun together
(Yes, in the background, that's a guy at the bar with a baby in a high chair... and this is the second time I've seen them both there!)

Keenan pulling Isaac and Jeff around =)


Keenan peeking up from under the sun shade

Riah showin' off her tummy

Riah gettin' sleepy with Grandma

The gorgeous pool

Another shot - the cabanas were awesome!!

Sweet uncle and nephew shot

Back at the room, Keenan very enthralled in what Isaac is doing

Keenan proved to be quite the heavy load for Isaac! =)

Me and my man

Keenan giving Daddy a kiss during dessert

A silly picture frame

Funny faces


Brittny said...

Can I come???????


I'll be very good and quiet.

Joia said...

Brittny, come on over! =0)

Jessica said...

You have to mention that this is the SECOND day in a row that the guy was at the bar with the baby in the highchair! That is hilarious!! I love the pics of Moriah! Love, Jessica

Joia said...

I'll add that, Jess!

Erica said...

Hey Joia...I was catching up on your blog, and you TOTALLY got me with the pregnancy post!!! Good one. :)