Thursday, April 23, 2009

MOPS, etc..

Just wanted to show off this cute (half) outfit Moriah got from Sarah - I Love this shirt!!

Pretty girl in her bed

Our day got a fairly early start with MOPS this morning...

Moriah all dressed up to go

A fun cake I made for the meeting
(Happy B-day, Jen!)

Moriah fell asleep while Keenan and I were getting ready

My "little big boy" with his backpack, all ready to go play with his friends at MOPS

Moriah went in the nursery last night (for the first time), while I helped out with a dinner at the church, and did really well. I could probably be leaving her in their during MOPS as well, but I'm just not ready yet. =) Since she was the only baby there today, she got lots of attention:

Cuddling with Robin

Getting ready to doze off with Vanessa

The fun craft we did today was "Family Motto" display plates. Here's mine: (I covered the name, because we try to not post our last name on the blog...

That's supposed to be a diaper on Moriah

Some tummy time on the couch while she watches Keenan play

When we got home from MOPS, all three of us took a two hour nap! WOOHOO!

Philip came home for a while late afternoon, before heading out with some others to go to a Pharmaceutical Drug Rep dinner. They treat them to a nice dinner, (tonight's is at Commander's Palace), and in turn they have to listen to them present their drug. Seem's worth it to me!

After he left, the kids and I headed to the Niceville Children's Park (our first visit of the season).

Driving the bouncy car

Ballet on a sand digger??

"Mom, you're so embarrassing.."

Cute pic at the top of a slide

On a new four way bouncy thing

Coming down a really tall fast slide!


Mom W. said...

Oh yeah, love the bib on Moriah...

Cute pink shoes, cute kids...

Mom W. again said...

Is that Robin - Ada? = )

Mom E said...

great cake, Joia! And nice plate. And as always, great photos. thanks. And even though I didn't buy it, I love the bib too. lol.