Friday, April 10, 2009

The Magic of Disney . . .

. . . isn't still doing it's thing when you're leaving the park at 11 pm, with thousands of other people, parents, and cranky kids. =) You know how the parking is divided into Disney characters, some of which are the Seven Dwarfs? Well when the Tram driver announced which section we were headed to, I said, "We should all be going to either, Sleepy, Dopey, or Grumpy!" =)

That said, it was a fun, crazy, long day at a VERY crowded Disney (it being Spring Break, and the Easter weekend don't help). We did Animal Kingdom in the morning. The highlight of that was definitely the Safari! =) Around noon, we came back to the condo for lunch and naps for the kids and then headed to Magic Kingdom where we met up with Mom, Jeff and Isaac.

Many more details and pictures to come, here are a couple, one at Animal Kingdom and one at Magic Kingdom.

I'm rushing, because Philip and I need to get ready and leave. Mom and Isaac are here for the day to watch Keenan and Moriah so we can go enjoy a couple of the Disney parks by ourselves. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Love your "dopey, sleepy or grumpy" comment:) Been there-done that but will do it again and again! Glad to read you've had such a great vacation.
Isaac's grandma k

Flakymn said...

You have my admiration ... seriously. I just did the beach with two kids yesterday and thought I belonged in the "grump" category ... so your full days? WOAH! You go girl!

Mom W. said...

Hope you have a fun day ... Kathleen and Isaac and Keenan and Riah and... Philip and Joia!!