Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Honest Scrap

I've been tagged with the "Honest Scrap List"... which means I have to list 10 Honest things about myself (I'm supposed to tag others as well, but I've decided not to):

10 Honest things about Me:

1. I am addicted to pop (soda, coke, whatever You call it).... My favorite of all time is Vanilla Coke, but I'm not picky, I like regular Coke, Cherry Coke, (even Pepsi in a desperate situation), Sprite, Cream Soda, Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Black Cherry... I just like carbonated beverages! If I'm having a bad day, drinking a can of pop actually makes me feel better! (That definitely seems like a sign of addiction).

2. I'm afraid of spiders. I don't stand on a chair and scream for help, but definitely if Philip is around, I make Him come and kill it (and no, I don't feel the Least bit bad for killing ANY bug that crosses my path, I'm sorry if this is offensive to any of you).

3. Given the opportunity, I would Love to go to a Monster Truck show! I know that would probably make a great ending to "You just might be a redneck if..." but I think they're awesome!

4. I Love hot dogs. I know they're sort of a "kid food", and that I probably wouldn't want to know what's Really in them... but I do, I love them!

5. I'm a spender. There I said it. Philip is the financially smart one in our family, and thanks to him, we are able to do more with our money than go to Sonic! =)

6. I once (in competition with two guys) ate an entire large pizza by myself.

7. If it weren't for my husband's (good) influence on me, I would lay out in the sun all the time and be tanned golden all year round... sigh. =)

8. I Have to have lip balm on before I can go to sleep. Each time I wake up (to go to the bathroom or do something with one of the kids), I have to reapply it before I lie back down.

9. I like country music.

10. I have an extra tooth (I may have mentioned this before, I don't know... it's getting late, I'm gonna post this thing and get to bed).


Mom W. said...

I think I knew all of them but didn't realize you were that obsessed with lip balm... forgot about the extra tooth...

Mom W. again said...

Oh, and the monster truck one I wouldn't have come up with, what happened to the arm wrestling champ??? (did I know about the pizza?)

Joia said...

Mom, the interest in Monster trucks is pretty new... =)

I'm still unbeaten at arm wrestling females, but I didn't list it, because I thought I had mentioned it in a previous, similar type of post already.

The pizza incident happened on our Ecuador team... =)

Erica said...

TOTALLY with you on the chapstick addiction. I cannot sleep, anywhere, anytime, including naps, on planes, etc without it!

Becky said...

I would have never guessed you had any interest in Monster Trucks! Eating a whole pizza is pretty impressive. I am with you on the lip balm addiction. Sometimes I have them placed around the house so that I can always find one.

grriffins said...

Totally addicted to lip balm - and ONLY one specific kind. They stopped selling them a year or so ago in most stores, but after researching online, found them at a few stores in SK and ON and me and Marianne (who's also addicted to that brand) went and bought out all the stores...we bought over 100 lip balms. But now I have enough for a long while... and have them on me at ALL times!


*signs off, then reapplies 'Natural Ice' lip balm that is sitting right beside the computer*

Mom E said...

I do carry lip balm too, and have to apply it before I go to bed, but okay in the middle of the night. Knew about the Vanilla Coke, of course, and #'s 6 & 10, but not the rest.
Liked the photo too.

Love, Mom