Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun dinner with friends

The residency retreat is this weekend, so after they were finished today, several of the people from Philip's class and their families got together for dinner. The restaurant they chose is only a block from our house, how convenient! =)

Moriah all dressed up to go out

Andrea with Moriah's buddy, Chloe

Keenan and William doing "pound it"

The whole group
(on the left: Kacey, William, Philip, Keenan, Cliff, Erik)
(right: Tiffany, Matt, Moriah, Me, Jodi, Andrea, Chloe and Jonathan)

Riah and I back at home

This is the first night this week that Philip has been home before the kids went to bed, so it's nice to have some time together!


Mom E said...

The mother daughter photo is really cute (saved that one too). :) I love your necklace.
After being with the kids for most of the day alone, I salute you for doing it as often as you have to and sometimes for days in a row! You are amazing.
Thanks for being a great mom to my grandkids and such a great support and wife to my son.
Surely your kids (and husband) will rise and call you blessed. (my paraphrase of the scripture). :-)
Love you, Mom

mamunaco said...

I looked closely at that last picture and I think you are wearing the bracelet that I gave you. If so, that really made me smile! I love that you still have it and feel so happy that you would pick it out of your collection to wear! :)